Are you kidding me?!

I’ve always hated how new characters’ friend campaigns are always incredibly hard, but Esmeralda’s are in the level 230’s?! My level cap is 185. Getting her and her allies up to 230 could take months, if not years!


Okay and? Don’t see the problem.

Camapign: Level 230
Max level your heroes can be in that server: 185


I agree! That is insane! My server level cap is also 185, so level 230 enemies would be next to impossible for me to defeat.

Well, it may be possible. Just very difficult

Power-ups. You will need them, maybe a lot. This campaign brings some pretty nasty enemies to fight with, such as Dash or Angel, so yeah, more attempts and buffs.

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I do wonder if it’s intended, though. The gap between friendship levels of Russell and Esmeralda is pretty big. My server’s level cap is 210 and we have these levels:

A difference of more than 30 levels between two consecutive heroes is too much IMO. At least Goliath’s friendship campaign seems to be too high.


Must be bugged, that’s the difficulty intended for oldest servers

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Hi there! For those of you seeing these high friendship campaigns which servers are you on? Can you let me know your server and the levels you’re seeing that are too high? Just making sure I’m getting as much info to show the team



Thank you! I passed along to the team and they’ve found the bug!


Huh… okay then. Thank you.

For server 14 maximum level of enemies in Esmeralda/Robin is 235 with 225 being a server cap.

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