Arena 3 rules not working video proof

Enemies silinced for 5 seconds is not working enmies are doing white skills at 1:30
But my team is not

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Some cases of my heros not being silinced
And skme cases only some heros from both team
And skme cases of no being silinced this needs a hot fix asap

Yeah , its honestly not workin.
Screenshots at 1:27 Sec How Opponent can use white skill.

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Yep. I saw Slinky use his active immediately even though he has no Evasion…

Silence blocks all skills… including white…

EDIT: Here’s proof. You may have to look very closely to see Rapunzel’s silence, but it’s there :eyes:

(The reason neither Zurg, Nick, or Mulan aren’t silenced is because of Evasion)

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Tenacity reduces duration of silence.

That’s why some heroes have very short or no silence, because silence begins with entrace not with fight.

Slinky may have tenacity, but the amount isn’t large enough for him to use it immediately :neutral_face:

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Before timer starts to run.

Now a huge problem of the game becomes visible, the abilities of the toons start when the battlefield appears and not when the battle starts. This is simply not possible. A correction has to be made as soon as possible.
So this rule is again not really tenable…

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You can unsilence your team
You need correct team to use
What you use is totally wrong

Both sides are silenced
Using correct team will do the job

??? can u “say” what are correct teams…
and nick is unsilenced

That is not the point, once again a superfluous comment from you. It’s about mechanics not working the way they are supposed to work.
It can’t be that toons can be influenced by buff, debuffs and so on before the fight starts. Yes it is even possible that energy is removed before the fight starts!
These are things that just can’t be

And another thing, some toons did not use their white ability reliably for up to 30 seconds. Tron for example is a candidate that doesn’t do that despite more than 1000 energy…

The issue with the rule, as far as I can tell, is that it applies when the character enters as opposed to when the fight starts.

Maximus actually runs out the clock on the silence, his entry animation takes that long.

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if you are saying that the silince was blocked by evasion then it would also be blocked by rapunzel hardy shouldnt it? so thats not proof of it working thats proof of it being more broken

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The silence applies first, in that case.
Hero enters, silence applys (hero evades if able), hardy applys.

I personally would have had it so that the hardy applies on start of battle, when the timer starts, but apparently that’s not what happens.

2nd rule says 100% slower energy gain

It seems it’s 0 gain, not 100% slower

Maybe I’m wrong

@Polaris will you check plz

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You have the toons… you can test them until you find them

and it supposed to work like that

100% slower means no movement at all.

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