Arena Challenger Bug Fix

Arena Challenger Bug Fix

Hey, everyone! First, we want to thank you all for being patient while we got this issue sorted out. Basically, there was a way you could end up with an abnormal amount of points through an exploit with one of the Fight Point Bonuses.

Our fix has two parts. The first and quick one is to just switch out the HP Remaining rule for the Healing Done rule (HP Healed) and keep it that way for the rest of the season. The second will resolve the bug itself in a future update.

We can’t remove points without resetting everyone to zero, so we feel the best way to resolve this is to just keep things as they are. People that earned their points without the exploit will keep what they earned and not have to start all over again, and points will just reset anyway when the week changes over. Those who have a higher ranking because of the exploit will unfortunately keep that while they can maintain it, but again, we can’t remove that from them without removing it for everyone.

It’s a good time to remind everyone that using an exploit in the game is considered cheating, and is a violation of our Terms of Use.

The rule changes have been pushed live today, February 10th. No update will be required for the switch, but you may notice a slight hiccup if you have a battle in progress when it goes live.


I think points should be reset i think all would be happier with that than 100 diamonds


This seems like a poor way to handle the issue.

Basically everyone who exploited the bug and ‘cheated’ (PBs own words) gets to reap the benefits, while everyone else is screwed even more than they would’ve been had nothing been done.

Very disappointed.


I’d rather have seen the points reset and keys given back since were only 1 day in on the new week now if it were closer to end of week then id say leave be


Firstly: how can we know it’s an exploit? It isn’t fair to punish people when they didn’t know it was an exploit. PB make the rules & they count the points. That’s not cheating. Secondly, if they say that fantastic damages don’t count and someone find a loophole to make it count as normal, that’s cheating. Thirdly, I am at the top of Coli with over 2B points and I want the points to be reset and keys should be given back. I think this is a terrible ‘quick fix’ and it doesn’t make any sense to keep it this way. the 100 diamonds is just an insult quite frankly.


Very disappointed in the decision.
The ones who used it get all the advantages: ,
chance to get to challenger and get even more diamonds, more daily diamonds, other prices.
And the ones who did not use it, only 100 diamonds. This does not satisfy at all.


@Samm please reconsider this decision on letting people keep the points next week pays the most rewards and it’s unfair that people get there on default through exploiting a bug


Yes, after the people who used the exploit get double promoted while everyone else is locked out of the higher divisions and higher rewards.

It’s still early in the week; having to re-fight the opponents you already fought would be, at most, a minor inconvenience for everyone. Leaving it as it is gives an insurmountable advantage to those who used the exploit and punishes those who didn’t use it.

Based on past experience, I had a feeling this would be the end result; I guess I should’ve ignored my conscience and listened to my cynical side, and gone ahead with using the exploit myself.


Honestly the funniest thing that’s happened in a while. Makes so little sense. I’m hanging out in first in coli, and there’s literally nothing anyone can do about it now. Really not understanding the logic, even I want them to reset it.


It is just the attitude
The game is ending and they honestly dont care anymore


tbh… even people who have used the bug won’t get there because it doesn’t actually count the points properly. I am on 1.6B in arena but my points added together from each individual person I have unlocked add up to 2.6B, so even those using the bug, it doesn’t count all the points and they will still be missing out on D1, however, I agree that it should be reset.


I just wish perblue cared about that the game could get shut down. But No sadly.


Honestly this is like saying those who stole money can keep their money and those that didn’t can keep the momey they didn’t steal

It makes absolutely no sense, and I have a high enough score btw
So thank you for killing another area of the game and making more players quit


I’m a pretty “by the books” guy. Each Arena/coliseum season, there are people with scores that are much higher than others. This season, I was suggested a team that would give me a high number of points. I used this team. I got a high score. How are we, as players, to know that this wasn’t the intention of your current month’s challengers scoring system? Calling this an exploit, and indirectly calling those who got high scores cheaters is a pretty low blow. I’m not sure that offending your player base was your intention, but colour me offended.


Getting millions of points for a single fight should’ve been a pretty big clue.


*billions, but so was everyone else.


@Samm if there is any intention to keep the game fun
Revisit this decision urgently

Players are negative, both those that got high scores and those that didn’t


Last week it was so what but theirs a lot
On the line this week since if you double promote you get a shiny border and great rewards especially with Cinderella in challengers rewards


depends where you end… but the rewards itself are still… relevant, but not impactful enough


I honestly just care about the mods
Everything else is mediocre

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