Arena Challenger Bug Fix

Exactly cant be an exploit as no ones used bluestacks etc. It was a fault in per blue arena coli coding. So how can it be the players fault. Example what about those players that exploited that 307000 stamina deal did they remove it no. Did they do the right thing offer it to all players no.


It wasn’t exploit, everyone used the toons that actually met the rules to get high score and got surprised from results, they were using their heroes normally

The problem is from perblue developers and it seems they don’t have the good developers anymore

They are losing employees one after one and I believe they lost the developers that they were good too

They don’t want to admit they made a mistake after mistake after mistake, they want to throw it on players who are definitely innocent

And excuse me Teddy, your post is totally wrong. It’s all perblue problems, not anyone else


Excuse me, what if you got 2 billions in 1st hit of 1st key? Who’s fault is this?

If players with you scored billions, would you just watch them do that and keep your low score? That won’t make you promote

Look what happened now, @samm confirmed no score reset and who got lucky high score will remain and will promote, others won’t promote

The solution was suggested but they don’t like it

Reset scores and remove bonus rules that caused the problem until get fixed


I agree cheating is when you hack the game and make chars do things other players can’t make them do. Changing stats adding diamonds you haven’t bought etc.

Using just 5 toons you can use that have a logic behind them Miguel speeding and protecting joy healing and improving health baymax/Ariel to make shields and horned king / Bunsen to spawn more chars and then quasi to deal the damage but not to slay the other team.

What is the cheat here that the developers made the game give you more points??? @Samm please explain please you have been silent ever since. Please address why you think this is cheating and not a mistake of the game you represent


I agree, quick fight bonus must be removed, this way cheaters won’t be able to cheat with their guild members and friends

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As much as you (and myself included) don’t like it, also lowering defenses to help a guildmate (and all others that see it) score more points is no cheating. The devs make the rules on how you can score and that is a way they make the points. It doesn’t make the game more fun, but the points are made in a honest way. No cheating involved. For example: It is only a cheat when they hack the game and give themselves 1b points for a fight that is normally 5k points. But no one is doing that, the smarter people see the rules and try with combination la to make the best of it. In this week everyone that read the rules should have come close to these teams. It is understanding the rules and no cheating.

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Why called cheating? Because they find a way against rules to get scores by changing defense to help someone in their team but not by “fair play”

Perblue tried to make it “fair play” but still those cheaters found how to break it

Why we need quick fight bonus? To give them chance to win unfairly?

Well, Perblue not going to do anything about it but we need to keep mentioning it everytime we have a chance, maybe one day they will listen

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Well the defenses can’t be changed within the day as much as I don’t like it everyone has an opportunity to score quick fight points on that team except the one who lowered it.

I for one don’t think we should allow players to change their defense during the week. So you make a defense and that’s it next week you can make a new one.

But it is no cheating everyone gets the same opportunity there. And they understand the rules about quick fight and give you and all others the same chance. I am not trying to protect the rule, cause they may insta remove it and then it is really about who understands the rules of the week. But as long as these rules are in play this isn’t considered cheating.


I award this decision the ‘troll of the month’ prize !

Everyone was asking for a reset, even those you call cheaters (and you’re in the wrong).
I used to be game admin on another game with full of true cheaters. You are absolutely wrong in so many ways ! Lol

Each time i made a ticket to let you know about cheaters nothing changed. And now that you guys are just doing mistakes (which is not that bad…), you just had to take the good decisions, admit you were wrong.

I won’t tell anymore when i see true cheaters (you know, those who use that ‘tool’ on apple systems, mmmh no you don’t because those cheaters are still here…).
You just don’t care.


I totally agree Felix. The thing where they make the system click for you in invasion so you can score high and don’t have to do it yourself is a cheat. That should be addressed.

This was my last remark and then I will quit this discussion cause obviously the tactic that is being used now is to stick the head in the sand and hope the discussion will be over next week. :see_no_evil:

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very disappointed with this game, my score was normal, I should reset the score and return the keys, I was discouraged, because I won’t go up in both, I’m at 7, that for me was a blow, I should reset the score, and I DON’T GIVE 100 DIAMONDS FOR EVERYONE, AND NO, THIS IS NOT CHEATING, WHEN THE MISTAKE COMES FROM THE GAME, AND NOT EXCLUSIVELY COMING FROM A PLAYER’S CHEATING

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I PLAYER MICHEL BR , good morning

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and another, merged the server, they should increase the number of season players, only two, for millions of players, in the Coliseum arena, and also the same thing in the invasion, only 60, they should increase it too, the game is a joke

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If you experience having a line that does unusual score and you REPEATEDLY attack the line of a player you got that score on with the intention of getting a higher score means you are abusing an exploit and that is against ToS.

If you do something thrice or more times in a row, it can hardly be called an accident. You are willingly doing that knowing you will gain something others usually don´t.


Millions LOL. Very funny. The game isn´t played daily by millions. Maybe tens of thousands, but even that is a huge stretch. And usually only higher hundreds are in Challenger Seasons of Arena and Coliseum.

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Pb should just wipe arena and coli clean and return keys have people retry this week to keep it fair for all

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I don’t know who flagged this
But this is stating the truth, although some words could be on the line of rude

However, the message is clear
The way that this was handled was not a good experience for anyone.

The team really needs to do a hard review of the state of the game, otherwise we are all just wasting our time to try keep playing


I absolutely agree with this.

Your decision is an absolute joke to everybody playing this game competitive and from everything you could’ve done, you chose the worst option.

If you change the rules, reset the scores too. Otherwise say “we don’t care” (which you obviously don’t anyway) and leave it as is, free to exploit it for everyone who likes.

But don’t punish people that refused to use those teams, seriously who came up with that? And don’t get me started on that joke of a compensation, not like we wouldn’t be used to it at this point…


It’s perblue problem, @Polaris was handling such issues so quick , it has been 10 days and no one responded or took action against that high scores.

You can’t ask players not to use it to get a promotion when everyone do and definitely it’s not players problem

It’s 100% perblue, they aren’t responding immediately, they don’t study the case. Instead they kept the high scores as is

Btw I have 2 billion scores and ready for reset. 1st of my hits was 1.3bil


So despite my somewhat decent score, solely thanks to PerBlue, the absolute best I can hope to finish this week is 13th.

With 0 opportunity to reach League 1 and only a couple of spots to battle for to reach League 2.

All because, apparently, I chose not to “cheat”.

Thanks PB!

idk why people who used it are complaining at being called cheaters :laughing: No matter what terminology they use, PB aren’t enforcing any consequences, in fact you’re being rewarded with a free promotion pass :joy:

It literally would have been better for PB to do nothing this season and just let everyone battle it out with the bugged lines, at least we’d have equal opportunity. They have chosen the absolute worst possible action for the players.

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