Arena timeout and the utter pain of it

So, admittedly most of this is a rant more than anything but MAN does timeout in arena really suck.

Specifically, timeout when end result is a situation where you would definitively win given more time.

I think I speak for a LOT of people when I saw it is immensely frustrating to have timeout happen when you’re a single hit away from victory.

To be fair, there are some situations where timeout happens specifically because both teams have reached a stalemate (Beast comes to mind here) and in that regard, yeah, I can understand why it’s a lost. The attacker wouldn’t win the fight regardless of time.

But those situations are few and far between. (And being honest, usually just involve Beast or Herc)

Anyhow, the thing about timeout that’s specifically annoyed me enough to comment on is… admittedly a weird circumstance but basically, the slow motion effect on skill activation and how it effects both buff duration and the timer.
Namely, it extends buffs but the timer goes as normal.
Not a big problem for most, but I stumbled upon a combo of characters that have actually managed to outright HALT the battle though repeated skill activation as a result of massive energy gain, and this halting also effects the likes of Hades invincibility buff, sometimes extending it to almost a minute.

Well, that right there is probably a problem fairly unique to me because of my personal character choices, but still, curious to hear peoples thoughts on arena timeout.

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