Aren't purple skills supposed to be passive?

Everyone has said this, and every purple skill I have seen is passive, except this one I just noticed.

I don’t remember ever seeing anyone say that purple skills are all passive, although it’s possible that someone has and I either missed or forgot it.

That said, whilst a great deal of the purple skills are without doubt passive there are plenty of others which wouldn’t necessarily be considered as such. You have pointed out Violet’s. I would also say that Woody’s, Buzz’s, Ralph’s, Jack Jack’s, Jessie’s, Aladdin’s, Hades’s, Genie’s and Judy’s would not be considered as passive. Others may disagree with me, I guess that is down to what you consider passive over active, but I definitely don’t think it’s the case that all purple skills are meant to be passive.

I would assume that Passive refers to a skill that affects play for the entire duration of a battle, and doesn’t require the hero to do anything - whereas Active would be a skill that is ‘activated’ at various cooldown intervals and adds a new element or interaction to the battle