Ariel VS Felix: Which is better?

So I’m comparing between Ariel and Felix, and I’m choosing between these 2 choices for defense. In my 3 lineups, I have 1 support in each team. 1 tank is also given. Ariel, as I have seen now has mostly healing skills, more than Kristoff and Sven, and more than Felix.
Her skills also have debuff removal, which Felix’s red skill also offers. However, the debuff she has at most is slow and knock back, a bit like Hamm.

Felix has more debuffs, and has a healing skill, one of which only heals 1 ally or more if they are below 50% HP. He also has a debuff removal, like Ariel, but the debuff removal may fail.

Felix also has a Team Heal for his battle badge, but Ariel has a Team Heal over Time.

Which do you think is better to use?

Obviously Ariel…


Is there an explanation for your choice? I wanna see why some players might choose Ariel.

Try also using fairy godmother, kermit, russell and kevin and pocahontas. They are better than those two. But imo i prefer ariel.

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Because Ariel is superior in every single conceivable way by a country mile, maybe?

Ariel is fantastic, Felix is hot garbage.


Power Creep.


Ariel is definitely the way to go. She is insanely strong, as is the case for a lot of the heroes coming out recently. Th only hero I have that is stronger than her is Bolt.


Ariel is newer so therefore have better base stats:
Ariel is also a support hero, and Felix a tank, so this plays a role. Stats broken down below:

  • Ariel’s Max HP is 5 times higher than Felix per level
  • Ariel’s Basic Damage is double Felix’s (both base and level increase)
  • Ariel’s Skill power is 4 times higher per level than Felix’s

Mermaid Song (Ariel: White) vs Nicelander Stampede (Felix: White)

  • Ariel’s skill has knockback and cleanse that Felix doesn’t have
  • Felix’s skill has stun that Ariel doesn’t have
  • Ariel deals 33m fantastic damage where Felix does 4.7m normal damage to all enemies

Soothing Voice (Ariel: Green) and Fish Squirt (Ariel: Blue) vs Fix It, Felix (Felix: Green)

  • This is their healing skills
  • The cooldown is the same for both heroes’ Green skill
  • Felix heals 9.2m HP and Ariel 44m HP at level 275 with their Green
  • Ariel heals two allies and removes 4 debuffs with her Green
  • Felix heals only one ally and removes 3 debuffs with his red skill, which is more difficult to level up, so more chance to fail than Ariel’s Green
  • Ariel’s Blue also heals two allies for 29m, knocks back and slows speed with 50%

Flipping Around (Ariel: Red) vs Healing Hammer (Felix: Red)

  • Ariel heals at the start of the wave, Felix has to wait until his Green skill is triggered
  • Ariel’s red gives additional skill power, which increases all of her White, Green and Blue skills
  • Felix’s red gives him Reality, Armor and HP which does not assist the rest of the team

Other skills:

  • Ariel’s Purple skill increase allies’ max HP, which increases the heal of Flipping around (% of Max HP)
  • Felix’s Purple skill grants allies 1.4m skill power which is useful but not enough make a big difference in my opinion

Battle Badges:

  • Ariel’s battle badge trigger after 5 enemies are knocked back - this will trigger after her white skill and will heal 40% of Max HP over 5 seconds for the whole team
  • Felix’s battle badge trigger after 3 enemies are stunned, which will trigger after his white skill too, and will heal 30% of Max HP immediately for the whole team
  • The battle badge for Felix is therefore slightly better than Ariel, being immediate and easier to trigger.

Frienship disks:

  • Ariel’s disks give more increased stats compared to Felix’s disks, plus reduced damage / shield
  • Felix gives increased attack speed or freezing one enemy with basic attacks

Therefore, as you can see, Ariel is stronger because she is newer, power creep makes a big difference and Ariel’s added skills and support mechanics makes her a better support than Felix is a tank with his current stats.

Hope this helps!


Felix is vanilla any non vanilla heroes are better except Mickey which can double damage

he cant

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This is not the question being asked, so if you are not going to add value to the discussion maybe you can learn something :slight_smile:

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