Arlo and Spot (Hero Concept)



Star: :star: :star:
Quote: “I’m not good with jobs”
Tank Mastery
Trial Team- Yellow
Intro: As The Little Dinosaur Arlo and his Little Human friend Spot come into battle they are Awaiting To Kick, Bite, and Roar in this Fearsome Battle
Entrance- They Run In together
Victory- They Howl Together
Defeat- Arlo Trips over Rocks
Basic Attack- Arlo Leans over while Spot bites the Enemy

White Skill: Practicing Roaring- Arlo and Spot Roar as loud as they can Scaring Enemy’s as well as Knocking them back Dealing X Damage for 10.0

Green Skill: T-Rex’s Galore- Now Each Wave The Three T- Rex’s “Butch, Ramsey, and Nash” Run through the Battlefield dealing x damage to all Enemies

Blue Skill: Best Friends- Spot Pats Arlo on the Head and Arlo Smiles at Spot Healing Them by x health and giving them Shield containing y Shield HP

Purple Skill: Adventuring through The Wild- During “T-Rex’s Galore” Now all Enemies will be Stunned for 7.0 Seconds.

Red Skill: Me and You Forever- Now during “Best Friends” There is a chance that Both of them Heal Fully
+X Damage
+X Shield Health for “Best Friends”
+X Health

Friendships: Simba and Nala, Stitch

Roaring Together
Allies, Timon’s and Pumba, Finnick, Nick Wilde
Max Damage for “Practicing Roaring”

Dinosaurs and Beings Unite!
Allies Jumba, Mike Wazowski, Sulley and Boo
Max Damage for “T-Rex’s Galore”


Guys I’m not trying to spam I wanted to make this for awhile but forgot to make it

How do you post images, when I try it won’t let me

You need to reach the member trust level to post images, Gifs, and the like. :grimacing:

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Ahh got ya, that makes sense otherwise people would just anuse the system. How does one earn this status ? Btw great character suggestion. Love this movie.

You just be active, read topics, like stuff, obtain likes, avoid getting flags. After a certain number of days, you should get member. :grin:

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Hey Jeff thanks for the feedback and @Champion_David thanks for showing him what to do to post images :blush:

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