Asking for advise for when red skills come

I am in server 21 and people say we are not too far
from red skills

Are there heros where its easier to get red skills for?

Who is the best investment of resources to be the first to get red skills for?

I know its not even the next gap update but its cool to have knowledge from people who went through this stage of the game and for me to work on a long term achievement

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The newer heroes are generally easier to get red skills for as they are far more competent in City Watch which is where you get Red Skill Chips.

Your stronger heroes such as Top 5 are the ones that I would work on first, assuming they have red skills.


red skill will release on your server once the TL cap is 135. you can finish epic city watch to get them

Nah ! TL 135
Once Your servers get To TL cap 135 then U will have red skills.

Ur Main team especially OP heroes…
Bcoz With OP heroes,u can complete easy cw easily.
Maybe Ur seeing that Nick and Hades are not good on your servers…But Red Skill is the thing that changes themm…Hades has been on Arena on my server alot…Red Skill totally changed Hades…making him so OP


Yah I want also some advice like that cuz for the next update we will be having red skills and I’m on server 19

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Some points to be noted as well

  1. Duke Kaboom Has a good red skills Pairs good with Meg.(Awesome)

  2. Maybe U See Jafar (Sc) deals alot damage.But It can be stopped by Elsas red skill. If Jafar has most basic damage in opponents team then Elsa can freeze em, this means Elsa red skill have chance to freeze the enemy with most basic damage at start of the battle.
    In general, Red skills have chance to fail against X level…But theres some exception like of Kida and Pooh.

Another information:
To unlock Red skill ,You need 10M gold,25 hero chips and 125 skill chips.
Skills Chips are earned through Epic Cw.And U can take red+ rarity heroes in epic.

Heres some info about Epic cw


If you don’t have too many resources (such as gold, hero chips), pls focus on Red skills have:

  1. Multiple effects and at least 1 of them is not level-dependent. So at least, while you are trying to max it out, it can still somehow be useful to you

  2. Better yet, Red Skill with no lv-restriction. Some examples (for now) is: Bo Peep, Pooh, Scrooge and Shan Yu. With these, even at lv 1, you still can use them at their full potential

  3. The difference between “reduced effect” and “chance to fail”. If they have “Reduced effect”, they still do, even at 1%. But if they have “chance to fail”, it means they will fail ALL the time if they are not maxed out or at high level

P/s: It will take you a lot of time and effort to max out 1 Red Skill. I have been trying for Elsa’s Red Skill but nowhere near my lv. Her Red Skill now is at lv 36 (equally lv 156) and her lv is 180…

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Not all the time but depending on how high above the level the enemy is there is a greater chance that it will fail.

First question: Yes and no. I believe everyone should have Kevin Flynn’s skill chips as a start. No being in epic city watch, all skill chips that drop are selected from the ones that u are using. (Eg. U have at least Elsa, Hades, Scrooge, Kevin Flynn on your team). And they are selected at random.

Second question: Those that have no level restrictions is a good skill to invest on usually. However, read the description and evaluate if it is useful. (Eg. Bo Peep’s red skill. Her red skill allows her to increase armor and reality per KO’ed ally. It also gives her additional skill power and max HP and more damage from “Billy, Goat, Gruff”. See if the character is commonly used in Arena and Coliseum (if any). Alternatively, if u know any guild mates or friends who have red skills, ask them for advice as well.

U can also see if the hero is useful in combat in general. For example, Pooh can deal good damage with his white skill. His stacks of “hunny” can also slow enemies with his purple skill, making his stacks of “hunny” useful. His red skill gives him a shield and energy when “Balloon Delivery” is used. His red skill also gives him additional max HP and armor and more healing to “Balloon Delivery”.

Also, when I mean random, u could get many of one hero’s skill chips.

And for every red skill in the team, u will get at least 7 skill chips (7 for 1 red skill, 14 for 2 red skills, 21 for 3-4 red skills and 28 if your whole team has a red skill).

When doing the Epic City Watch, try to use a hero whose red skill you’re aiming for as much as possible, and team them up with as many heroes who don’t have Red skills as you can. After completing a region of the city watch, they give you three bundles of Red Skill Chips, one for a random hero who fought in each battle, so the fewer characters with Red Skills you use, the more likely you are to get them for a specific hero.

The initial unlocking of the Red Skill takes a lot of chips, but skill upgrades after unlock take much fewer. Remember the skills and their upgrades cost a character’s regular chips as well as Red Skill chips, so try to aim for characters you already have a lot of spare chips for.

Also. if it is too hard to do and you need a specific hero who has Red Skill but you dont want or need Skill chips, you could hire them as merc. Merc wont earn you skill chips so you wont need to worry :slight_smile:

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That’s what I mean, man. Normally, for most of us, Red Skill lv wont be as high as hero’s lv…so the success chance is really really low

Ok, I suspected that was what you were talking about but I wanted to clarify for newer players.

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When I do epic I always use 5 heroes that have red skill (or that have one available even if it not unlocked yet.) So I can get 35 shard in each bundle.

For every hero that does not have a red skill u will get less and less shards.

Try using heroes red skill u want. In my case I always use Nick soo I have more and more shards for him and upgrade his red skill fast.

Huh, I didn’t know the number of chips you get is proportional to how many red skills the team has

1 hero with a red skill = 7 chips per fight
2 heroes with a red skill = 14 chips (for one hero) per fight
You have to make it to the end of that sector to claim the three chip rewards though.

this is helpful and i just saw it… server 19 gonna have red skills soon!

It depends which characters are and aren’t on your server. Big hitters like Randall , Hook , Mulan , Piggy etc are must haves but you can skip characters like Ralph who are borderline useless.

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