Attention Forumers! Concept Creation Contest Announcement Post

You forgot that this character is from YouTube, so it doesn’t qualify @OfficalFireyBFDI

Yeah the concept doesn’t follow format, the bottom says concepts here will be ignored, and we said no YouTube. Do people not read directions any more?


Apparently so

Also people, follow the format. If it doesn’t follow the format, it won’t count.

This sounds confusing

Is the time up? Or do I still have time to make a “Likely” concept?

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Yes you still have time. :slight_smile:


Oh great thanks


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Remember, today and tomorrow are the last days for submissions!


It ends on Saturday right?

Well, kinda. The time to enter your concepts ends Saturday.

Will there be prizes? If not, I’m fine with that

The 1st place winners of the Likely and Unlikely categories get a 10$ cash prize.

I actually don’t want that if I win 1st place

And we’ll announce second and third places. Like we’ve said multiple times on this thread and in the original announcement


You don’t have to accept the gift card. You can give it to the second place if you want

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If I win I’ll do that.

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That’s not a bad idea, Masterstitch


Can you give it to me then?

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He already said he’d give it to second place