ATTN: Amazon Device Users do not update early

If you play on an Amazon device please do NOT update to the 3.5 patch yet. It has been pushed out early and you will be locked out of the game if you update now. You will need to wait until the actual server update tomorrow to download the 3.5 patch.

It is fine to update now.


Why only on Amazon? Is it related to approvals?

It is related to approvals!


Mine was updated automatically. Which is odd since I always have to update it manually

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Glad I have Apple


Me too, mine is Apple.


I got bad news for everyone, amazon forced the update on to the system themselves as my kindle was powered down and when I turned it back on, it said that the game updated


Well it was automatically updated for me but I won’t go on the game at all until tomorrow

After that topic ended, many posts and countless comments related to the account were locked :))

Hallo ich habe seit gestern meinen Account verloren.
Ich habe Teamstufe 76 erreicht und dann ist das Spiel abgestürzt hat neu geladen und dann fing alles wieder ganz von vorne an.

Gibt es da eine Möglichkeit auch ohne ein Facebook Konto an meine Daten ranzukommen?
Ich spiele auf einem Amazon Tablett.

Bitte um Hilfe

Once the server update is finished you will see your account again.


Can you let me play my game

Cuando se va a tarminsr de actualizar

Ya quiero jugar

I’m trying to get back in my game but it says it’s out available Why

There is a server update happening so all servers are down at the moment.


How long is this gonna take

Cundo estará listos para saber?

This happens with every update and can take awhile. I do not have an exact time.


Well can you hurry up I am friends on the game so can you tell your people to hurry up

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