Atualização lixoo

Acabaram com o surto, como vou ganhar ouro agora?
Deve ter muito jogador e querem fazer alguns pararem de jogar só pode.

Someone, pull up Google Translate

Yeah but which language?

Deve Is Must
O Is Well O
Com Is with

Might be spanish.

I’ll have a try…

ok, thanks.

It’s Portuguese
Here’s a translation
They ended the outbreak, how am I going to win gold now?
There must be a lot of players and they want to stop some players from playing.


Google Translate doesn’t help

oh mah god lol

thank you so much


Welcome to the community @Fresse

That’s Wrong

Ter Is Tue

Google said it 🤷

Surto Is Outbreak

Agora? Is Now?

They’re talking about the update to Creep Surge. Gold isn’t awarded instantly when regions are cleared, but it’s banked and then awarded at the end based on the multiplier that the guild achieves. This is a big change and something that we are going to monitor. We do appreciate the feedback!

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Mercs won’t be hired as much anymore with this change cause gold we earn from there goes back into mercs and our mercs cost 60-70k per and gold is so scarce to begin with it will really limit how many mercs can get hired cause with me being a leader I usually hire 30-40 mercs if possible and won’t be able to do that anymore due to no more gold being earned immediately

acabaram Is Ended
Muito Is very

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