August Sign-In Hero and Shop Refresh!

Why randal leaves shop after one month and why gizmo stays if he was 3months in shop? Why Facilier moves to other shop? He was for 3months in shop and I got him 6star even I haven’t worked him at all. Really weird rotation this month


What is the second sign in hero @Polaris?


They fixed it

I think @Polaris meant to replace Gizmo

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No it was randall he still massively broken and they don’t want him having to many stars

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Is it just me or does chess look weird


@Polaris found a weird frame of Cheshire already


Lol, @polaris when will chess come, today or another date, and if another date what date will that be

We want Shang Yu for server 19… I Hope you will ad him soon

Wait… when will the update happen?

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@Polaris are you guys planning on bringing the war posters back or are they gonna be blank forever

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I think they will be blank forever

There isn’t an update required for this one. It will roll over automatically.


I knew Chester cat was gonna be the next sign in hero

“Will replace Kida”

@Ozi_swag i think you are saying Cheshire cat


Rats. I couldn’t get Syndrome to max stars.

Yay! Now I can get Goliath to max stars!

Well looks like Gizmoduck gets an extra month to stay

The shadow man is back to the shops!

Meh I don’t care about Collete

Goodbye Tigger :sweat:


Be happy that Shank is gor! She’s a loser and Colette is great!


Oh man. I forgot to envolve 6 stars for pooh.
I can’t involve eeyore until after Linguini and Remy

I forgot also to put 6 stars to kida too
I can’t involve goliath until after powerline and Krystoff and Sven

I can’t involve mulan. Until after syndrome

I can’t put red skill for dr facilier until after i involve Lunchpad McDuck

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I can’t wait to unlock Magica de spell!
Magica de sell HELP

Oh yay!!! ANOOOOOOOOTHER hero!!! That’s exactly what this game needs!!!

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