Back in Business Concept: Spyro the Dragon

This is my kickoff concept for my Skylanders Concept Collection!

Bio- Spyro is a purple dragon who not only defends Skylands,but will also defend your team!
Stars- :star2: :star2:
Role- Mid Line Damage
Team- Blue
Quote- “All fired up!”
Entrance- Flies into position
Victory- Makes a ring of fire in the air.
Defeat- Flies off screen
Basic Attack- Shoots fireballs dealing X


White: Dragonic Charge-(Normal)- Spyro runs through enemies horn-first,dealing X damage.

Green: Spyro’s Flight-(Fantastic)- At the beginning of each wave Spyro flies through enemies,dealing X damage and stunning them for 6 seconds.

Blue: Earth Pound-(True)- When Spyro reaches 25% of his HP he divebombs into the middle of enemies,dealing X True Damage to all enemies. This also heals Spyro for 67% of the damage he dealt.

Purple: Day Bringer’s Flame- Spyro’s basic attack now deals 5% more damage for each 10% of HP he is missing.

Red: Sworn Defender- Dragonic Charge and "Spyro’s Flight* now ignore armor,reality and tenacity.

*Earth Pound" * now stuns enemies for 15 seconds.

  • X Max HP
  • X Reality
  • X more damage dealt during Spyro’s Flight


Spyro + Mushu
Allies- Shan Yu,Randall,Dr.Drakken
Buff- Spyro’s basic attack now deals 75% more damage to enemies with with buffs or armor over X. Plus 2%% per star.

Spyro + Ian
Allies- Rex,Barley,Hamm
Buff- Enemies stunned by Spyro’s Flight now lose X HP per second while they are stunned. Plus Y HP per star.

Hope you enjoy! I should be posting 2 concepts a week,so stay tuned for my next one!


All feedback is appreciated!

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Disclaimer: Alts can no longer be promoted to basic user or above so if you wish to add pictures in your concepts you’ll have to get back to your ELEKTRO-SOUL account… assuming you weren’t silenced.

Is this a deliberate abbreviation?

dealing X damage

If this is all enemies I’d reduce it to 6-ish seconds.

Maybe he could heal for a percentage of damage dealt as a kind of comeback factor?

Make this have a chance to fail so you can incorporate a variable.


Wow, I used to love skylanders, and Spyro was one of my favorites! Looking forward to more Skylander concepts!

In addition to what slinky said, you should add a picture of Spyro, I personally think it makes it easier to visualize what exactly the character looks like (Because he probably isin’t the first thing you think of when you imagine a “purple dragon”)


I wasnt silenced. It logged me out and I couldn’t get back in.

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But this isnt really an alt,more like a new acct

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Do you have that in game accoint with which Elektro Soul account is linked?


I had a account like a year ago and when I came back I deleted my account. It had a forum account, does that mean I can’t get passed trust level 1?

(Sorry this is off-topic)

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I’m pretty sure alts can reach regular.


I think so, because didn’t both @Grim_grinning_Ghost and @Grim_Grinning_Alt have Regular at one point?


Yes I had one on each account


I think the recent update changed that because otherwise DJ-SOUL would already be a basic user because they’ve far surpassed the requirenements.

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Then how did @Disney_Hope get basic?

@Polaris is there anything like this? Or was it just a misunderstanding?

Maybe it’s due to the time disparity between accounts or the fact that they deleted the old one. All I know is that DJ hasn’t been flagged has read/made enough posts and has given/received enough likes to be made a basic user.

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