Badge Booster Crate?

Can someone please explain how this crate works? From the description all I can gather is that (on S2) it will not contain R4 badges.

My top heroes may be Red +3, but most of my heroes are Purple, Blue or Green. Does that mean the crates are just as likely (or even more likely) to give me Purple, Blue or Green badges than Red ones?

I don’t want those :open_mouth:


To be honest, I immediately lost interest once I’ve read that it won’t include the most recent rarity of badges. In the end it’s just another crate with blue or purple badges like all the others.


They give reds! I opened mine and all my badges were red even tho I only have 4 red heroes

It might give badges for your R3 heroes, if they need any. I never got any for my low rarity heroes. Most of the badges I got went to my moderately developed orange heroes.

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