Badge Mechanics


@Polaris every time a new patch gets released there is a flood of “hate” or “grumblings” in the comments that detracts from what I consider to be good changes to the game. Implementation of new game functions such as heist, invasion, mods is great and continue to get the players engaged in new ways. I want to point out and stress that these grumblings are usually not focused on those features and want to ensure the Per Blue team doesnt get discouraged from features like this in the future.
The main reason I see behind the grumblings however is all revolved around level cap and badge requirement increases. The amount of resources required to go from 03 to O4 to O5 only continue to get more and more taxing on the player as they try to keep up and maintain their competitiveness with other players. In fact I will even go as far to say that this is MORE of a problem than the increase gold and exp requirement. You guys have done well offsetting the gold and exp increases by incentivizing us with gold and exp drinks in invasion and city watch and surge. We also get the added benefit of hero chips in the different mode shops and I do not see the increase cost to be that bad anymore. But the one area we dont have help with is badges. The badge prices in the shops are much much different than the hero chips. To put this in perspective it would cost me 18,800 chips to take a 5s hero to a 6s which is a HUGE upgrade, but it can cost me 21k tokens for a SINGLE badge (Timeless Classics are expennnnsive) The badge shop does help to an extent but there is no feature that is focused on those type of rewards that really incentivizes us to play. I really encourage the team to focus on this area.
The only suggestion I can really give is if you find level cap raises to be the way to go then please implement a new feature or mode that we can earn badge tokens for by playing and by being engaged in. Heck maybe you can even do the same thing you are doing for city watch super hard where even better rewards are offered but now the toons have different weekly buffs.
You have added more difficulty to other game modes like CW but we are still stuck with normal and elite campaign modes. If you made a super hard campaign mode that offered better badge drops and maybe some badge shop tokens it would be a huge upgrade to the game. You can make the different levels have different enemy buffs or only a set of certain toons are allowed to clear it. Something. Anything.
Badges just need some love. Like I said, you guys are doing well with balancing gold exp and hero chips. Even friend campaigns and memories have gotten some great changes, just not the normal/elite campaigns.
Here’s to hoping for Super Hard Campaign and cant wait to see what you guys implement next. You guys are doing an overall great job.

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