Balance:Should add first Red skills for old heroes instead of newer heroes, And revamp the zootopia heroes

Perblue should add red skills for old heroes instead to newer heroes, For the balance of all heroes And also should revamp zootopia heroes they’re all so weak


Judy really needs refresh
Finnick got refresh and it was great but he became weak again


Nick is ok the way he is

Nick’s attack speed is too slow


Well put something in your pocket and try to find it and throw it at something

Not to be rude or anything

I agree. They have fallen behind so damn much. Becaude the new ones all have some dumb gimmick that makes them better than all the old ones, while the old ones were either too bad already, meaning they were horrible to begin with, or they were ok, but not amazing. The recent buffs for Jessie didn’t help her much. 65% dodge is not enough to dodge the numerous things enemies throw at her, so if she can’t dodge more than 75% the hits, she will still be horrible. I am only surviving in the P2W meta cause i spent all i had on Nick, and still his stats are still lackluster compared to the new ones. Maxed badges, maxed level, +40 purple skill levels, meaning he SHOULD be able to skill reliably but no, his fantastic damage isn’t enough to kill, either cause the damage output was sad, or they have just the best stats. Like, he has 90k reality, i maxed the badges, but with 1 move, Magica can do 500k damage to him, and he luckily survives cause he has 900k HP, but nope. My team is badly hurt, no one could do anything but die. Great. Perfect. With that blue skill of hers, not only did she do more damage than his shuriken pops did, with 350k SP extra to buff it up even more, but she also does it quicklier, and without worry, cause she has evasion and can easily dodge the 5 disables i throw at her at the first 5 seconds of the match. After a hundred games, i’ll luckily win against that one toon, once.


I have 356k Nick, and his WHOLE speed attack is terrible, duration of summoning lemmings is turtle-speed and his basic attacks are like internet explorer speed.
Another fact that it’s very unlikely to summon 5 lemmings on PVP modes, so he will never take full advantage of his skills. On PVP modes he should start on the go with 2/3 lemmings.

His speed attack should be increase by 30-50%
I’m not sure sometimes if it’s Flash in Nick Wilde disguise.

@Polaris sorry, but it’s any possibility to send it further to the team and maybe start some plans to make hero refresh for Nick?
(And WIR characters)

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I agree with Musketeer. Nick’s basic attack speed and lemmings need refresh.
And Judy’s Deputize duration is 7 seconds. This is too short.
And I hope Judy is immune to all debuffs and attacks for 3 seconds at the start of every wave. She sometimes can’t use Deputize because of debuffs. Deputize is everything to Judy

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