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I would like to ask… why is battle badges designed that we have to pay a lot of resources to enhance a badge everytime it levels up even if it was enhanced from level 1? It should be like red skills… we sacrificed all our resources to unlock it, but stays unlock as it levels up. Please change it up, this game is expensive enough as a ftp in terms of getting resources to level up (especially in the stamania/badges department as is). It’s hard to do city watch and surge when you can only afford to upgrade at best 5 toons with each monthly update in ranks, kinda ruins the fun out if can’t do much in game, but that is my opinion.

Frankly it angers players more by doing this. Please adjust. Thank you


The stamina required for enhancing battle badges is ridiculous in the first place and losing everything when upgrading to next level is super frustrating. Everyone is really unhappy about this @Polaris


I heard that you get a certain portion of the megabits refunded.

But it is the XP Drinks that should be refunded. :man_facepalming:



The problem with Battle Badges is this:

If you don´t promote all of them at once, the one of “promoted” ones will require XP and Megabits amount of left enhanced battle badges.
So, say, if you had 20 enhanced and promoted 5 of them.
Enhancing first of the promoted ones will take as much resources as enhancing a 16th one.
If you do enhance all 5 and then promote some of those left enhanced, the counter will not lower to 0, logically. Instead it will still take a lot more resources.

Ultimately, it´s a decision of whether you want to “promote all” (and thus the enhance counter being reset to 0) or “promote a few” (in which case you will be abruptly posed against high costs).
And hence why the costs must be lowered in the first place. @Polaris The team made a loophole.


They tested the battle badges before releasing them into the game, though, so I’m sure they noticed that happening. Like wish crates, it’s obviously meant to be a whale-specific feature.


Quite obvious intent indeed.

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Agree. And :-1:t3: @Polaris

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