Behind the Game - November 22-25

Behind the Game

Here’s what we’d like to discuss in this session:

  • If you could ask the team one question, what would it be?

Why there would be no more posters after November 2019? I want to see more!

What will happen when the whole map is discovered?
will there be a new map?

Do you have planned date for adding kim possible after she got deleyed for long time?


How do you design your characters? What is your formula for making skillsets? Have you guys scrapped any heroes?

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Do you guys grow friendships with fellow employees?

Server 14
TL 86

Will Polish language be added?

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I’d like to ask you, what do you do in a day besides respond to our questions and write patch notes? :slightly_smiling_face:


How do you decide what heroes to make?

When will Lilo, Pooh, Mulan, Ariel, Belle and Kim come? :laughing::wink:

What’s your favorite characters or movies?

How much fun is it to communicate with the Disney company?

Do the employees all play the game and if so, are you all in the same server/guild?

S8/19, TL 138/59

When you will add lighting mcqueen and mater? There past year since players were requested both and started makeing concepts on these 2 charthers but these 2 did not got added yet which is anoying

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In your big road map, do you have a conclusion for the story of the main campaign in mind? Or do you guys just write the campaign story on the go? I’m just curious because I’m interested in seeing how the story will end. Server 5, Team Level 145.


I am trying to learn how to make games in Unity with C#, so if okey to ask about I wondered if I can ask about what coding language is to make the code for Disney Heroes as well as which engine?

Just thought it would be fun to hear as I am trying to learn how to make games :-).

Server 5, level 134.

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(i believe it’s coded in java)

Assuming the team plays the game, do they consider all heroes fun and useful at the cap level or do they think that the old heroes are outclassed and outdated?
And why they think it would be great

S4 TL145


Do you plan to add more costumes in the future?

S8, TL100


Mulan will be around the movie premiere

What is the process of making heroes? I think it would be interesting to know what you guys do :grin:

Server: 4
Team Level: 127

Whatever happened to costumes, why have we not had new ones for an eternity? They were a big deal in DS and we had many, many skins to try and collect / win. Here it seems like they’ve been trashed… why?!


Would the team ever collaborate with certain players (in a possible random way or through a specific method) to help create skill sets/friendships/etc. for future characters or have the ability to pitch ideas?

Do the people that decide who gets into the games take request for a specific character?

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