Best Partners for Queen of Hearts


Hi there folks! I am a player from Server 16 and our newest heroes are Elsa and Queen of Hearts. While it’s easy to have partners with Elsa (with the freeze team ofc), I am having a hard time finding good matches for my Queen of Hearts.

I don’t have much strong tanks in my team so I want to invest in her. I tried researching the forums but there isn’t enough topic about her.

I am asking those players who had her first in the higher servers. Below are screenshots of the current available heroes in server 16 so you can tell me which is a good team with her.






You don’t need to put images in the comments. You can put images in the main post

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She’s more of a counter against charming and backline heroes. She’s also a pretty good tank.

There aren’t really any heroes that synergize with her though, because she doesn’t actually have any skills that lend themselves to synergy… Maybe someone like Mike because of her stun, but that’s a stretch and the are far better choices.

Who you use with her depends on what the opponents team is. Using her in defense is to discourage people from using charm heroes like hatter, Gaston, or Meg (none of which seem to be on your server).

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I didn’t say that. I said she doesn’t really synergize with anyone at all, because she doesn’t have any skills that would, she’s a counter character like Flynn.

I said she counters heroes that aren’t on your server. She still counters heroes that are on your server (Nick, Tia, Woody), those are just lesser charm heroes than the ones I previously mentioned. The ones I mentioned will be on your server, I would assume I’m the next few months.

Counter characters don’t make specific heroes on their team stronger, they make all heroes on their team stronger as long as they are facing specific heroes.

TLDR; Queen isn’t a hero you build around, she’s a hero you stick into whatever line you generally use when facing a specific set of heroes.




Yeah I realized that. It really is hard thohaha can you suggest someone instead? Like a line up maybe haha. Thank you


Worth noting is the fact that when she starts getting enraged, she temporarily gets untargetable. Not just invincible, untargetable, just like other heroes with conditional self buffs.

That means that she is completely ignored for a brief moment. And that can be catastrophic, if enemy has a frontline damager like Jack Sparrow, he will start walking towards the rest your team. So what I suggest you do not do is pair Queen of Hearts with only fragile backliners unless you know what you’re doing. She definitely could do with someone in the middle or maybe even on the front.


I myself don’t know who to pair up with Queen of Heart either… She is not weak, she is even a counter to charm…

But, I just can’t figure out how to use her in a team… how to make her as strong as possible with others…


I realize Meg isn’t on your server, but

Does anyone know if QoH or Maui can KO an enemy at 1 HP because of a Meg Link?

Otherwise best I know is to use her with characters that are vulnerable to, say Mr. Incredible, Jessie, Darkwing, Alice, Aladdin, Merida, Shank, Calhoun, Sparrow… But those are a stretch. I’m mainly talking about characters who really shine later into a match (when their health would be lesser than before) and also Jumpers. Both of these types of characters would be the most vulnerable to dying early. But this isn’t really a team comp strategy.


No Maui can’t ko someone with a Meg link.

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