Best player vip 0?

hello friends, i would like to ask what is the best vip0 player you know? is that I think I’m sure I’m but I want to be more.

@Kira :dog:


I don’t know what anyone’s VIP level is. It’s not something I concern myself with.

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Well, not sure what you want out of the post, but I am up for sharing VIP 0 survival tips in terms of how to best keep with limited resources, which should also be applicable for people who have higher VIP :-).

Whether or not I am the best VIP 0 player I don’t know though.

how much power do you have? what rank in legacy arena and arena do you have? server?

No sure how much details I want to go into, but here are at least my mains currently, though are planning to get more newer characters in case wondering:

I will say, while many of them are older they are flexible as in that they rely more on skills than power and as such has more value long term wise :-). Are planning to get more newer characters, but yeah I did manage to beat this team in the Arena:

Sulley usually do a fair amount of damage in case wondering, but yeah Wasabi taking him out quickly.

Anyway, so yeah that’s what I mainly have :-).

I am usually in either 4-3 league in Challenger depending on if I remember to do my Arena attacks.

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Best F2P*

Ring offers

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One can do decent as a VIP 0 without having done third party stuff to get VIP rings :-).

But as far as expanding the term here, sure.

It am completely f2p as well (vip 1 , filled out 1 survey). My tl is 158 and it’d be awesome if you could provide me with some tips :slight_smile:
My server is 22 , what about you?

You don’t need to be rude, you know

Me Vip 2 only, that too after doing survey. Nevet spend a single cent in this game. My total power is almost 100 million now. Me at server 2. But there is another one at my server who is f2p player also & highest power ftp player in this whole game or whole servers! He is my best friend @AbuBakr-Umar . He is somewhere near 130 million in total power, I think. Amazing stuff without expending a single money :slight_smile:

:rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::joy: exactly

Sir, range in arene?

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