Best tank?

Bogo, Felix, Ralph, or Goofy?

Out of the four, Goofy would be my personal choice.


Chief Bogo is awesome especially with his Calhoun disk that can stun multiple enemies at start of the fight and has huge percentage of additional damage (same as Goofy’s Jessie disk). He is a meta in S19 but other servers prefer the Mr. Incredible disk. He can stand alone or may need help of other tanks.

Felix now falls behind other tanks. At the early part of your gameplay, he is awesome with his Frozone disk, which is helpful against annoying tanks (such as Goofy, Olaf, etc.). Needs to be with another tank.

Ralph is only good because of his stun. Otherwise, he’s nothing to contribute but to delay the fight. Default heroes become the worst in the long run.

An instant celebrity. Goofy was loved as soon as he’s released in the game. He gains movement speed, tenacity, armor, heal, and can blind, dodge. A very talented dog.

For me, In S19, I would probably choose both Chief Bogo and Goofy. But in another server, S14, I choose Goofy.


Goofy and bo peep seem to be popular and very strong


goofy by all means he’s very good at keeping you alive.

Haha! Bo Peep isn’t mentioned in the list, but yeah, Bo Peep is a good tank also. Since you mentioned a hero that is not in the list, I would like to mention Olaf. He is my most favorite tank, and since I got him, I ignored the other tanks. lol

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Baymax is good to

Sulley is best now.

Mr incredible. Bogo is useless


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