Best/Worst Friendship Disk

Self explanatory:

What is, in your opinion, the best friendship disk? Why? What about the worst?

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Worst disks

  1. Basil’s disk from Randall
    • Extremely limited disk like no other
    • Silence can be reduced by tenacity; ignored by hardy stacks, evasion and hero’s skill
    • Waste of disk power… and memories
  1. King Louie’s disk from Peter Pan
    • The slow for last standing enemy is also very useless, last enemy will die no matter what, and wide sources of speed-ups bypass this disk without problem
  1. Tron’s disk from Gizmo
    • Tanks aren’t used much
    • 2nd disk just make it bad

Don’t forget Frozones disk with EVE

My personal favourites are:
-Barbossa’s disk from Tia Dalma. It makes him a core of many study teams.
-Randall’s disk from Yzma. The Beast, Hades, Li Shang? Never heard of them.
-Jessie’s disk from Buzz. Despite her reputation as a weak character, in a right team she can destroy characters with high armor.
-Joy’s disk from Olaf. Almost immuned to fantastic damage.
-Goofy’s disk from Jessie. Same as Barbossa, the main element of a team.
-Jafar’s disk from Scar. No explanation required.

best - animal gonzo disk
worst - judy bogo disk

this can only avoid quick fight points to enemies

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this is only applies to challenger league rule.
I mean judy bogo disk is useless to defeat enemies


which is meta, very important for most of players, but like before, yeah, useless.

My top disks are Animal-Gonzo, TQoH-Rex, Shan-Yu-Randall

Useless: Facilier-Jafar, Quorra-Buzz

Disk have problems:
(I, Basic Problems)
Dash/Finnick, low energy removal
Olaf/Felix, 25% to dodge debuffs Is too less
Animal/Gonzo, Gonzo/Launchpad, Quorra/Buzz,Nick/Judy and Calhoun/Violet.
Just avoid Shan Yu.
Mad Hatter/Alice, just too slow to stack
Ursula: Two are so suspected. Hades one just use when an ally is KO’ed, Tia one, control heroes, but not including Ursula herself.
Magica/Jafar, like Ursula/Hades, they can trigger once an ally is KO’ed.
Rex/Woody,Rapunzel/Jasmine, Dash/Violet, only useful for shields, latter one is better than fronter 2.
Ducky&Bunny/Merlin, Support and control heroes only.
Mickey/Jack, Damage only.
Rapunzel/Bo Peep, Great but just avoid QoH and Kelvin.
Kristoff/Flynn, Temporary slow, not effective.
Kristoff/ Kida, “Quick! We have no time left!”, You know what Sven does, fastly dead with fantastic damage.
King Louie/Peter Pan, just for Pooh.
Jumba/Stitch, Not for the front line, just gain Armor from Gizmoduck ONLY.
Jumba/Animal, again, Control enemies only.
Facilier/Jafar, 27 seconds shield time,and Shan Yu of course.
Mickey/Sulley, too less Improve healing.
Mike/Jack-Jack, Jack-Jack-Violet. Jack Skeleton type,Heist only.
Jack Skeleton/Sally, too less time.
Yax/Finnick, 17.5 seconds for 15% slower, just refresh’em.
Finnick/Nick, can’t stun bro.
Davy Jones/Hook, you know what should I say.
Finnick/Judy, just make sure don’t fail.
Ralph:Two disk are too few buffs.
Yax/Frozone, disk are great but not enough buffs
Scrooge/HDL, Just make sure you don’t pull the dangerous one.
Goliath/Bogo, just try to make sure you know how to use it.
Stitch/Mad Hatter, limited bites.
(II,Need to improve,far lose behind the game)
Calhoun/Felix, 60%still not enough, it’s should at 100%
Jack‐Jack/Bogo, 0.5 second is not enough.
Jack Sparrow/Nick, too less attack speed buffs, not enough basic Damage.
Buzz/Kelvin, that shield trigger time and low HP.
Kelvin/Quorra, disk is great… but that 20% is too less.
Maui/Moana, just add more will be better.
Kelvin/Baymax, add more starting energy.
Hiro/Baymax, Add more starting energy.
Baymax/Olaf, freezing time is too less, how about 1 second each star?
Hiro/Darkwing, Great disk, only not long stun length. 10 sec I guess?
Dark wing/Nick, the problem is 35%, just more.
Darkwing/Mr. Incredible, 4 crits each wave, suggestion:reset the number after Darkwing turns invisible.
Rex/Mike, Useless after D&B is released.
(III,Limited Usage)
Megavolt/Zurg , Animal/WALL-E and Basil/Randall, Gonzo/Duke Caboom. Very suspected.
Judy/Bogo, only challenger use them.
Magica/Megavolt, Gerald,Marin and Nemo/Hank and Dory, they only work on Randall, not Mulan.
Elsa/Olaf, Frozone/Mr Incredible, Tron/Gizmo and Hercules/Maui only work for Tanks.
Frozone/EVE, DSA idea.
Elsa/Frozone, again, just for Control enemies.
Scrooge/Hercules, Not for Heist, can only stun damage heroes.
Judy/Felix. Support role doesn’t deal much basic attacks, unless Judy Hopps.
Minnie/Mickey, Launchpad/Hiro and Megavolt/Finnick , only for control heroes(Secondone also for red team only).
Some better ones:
(I, Expensive Bills, disk are great but needs five stars, so just waste your time and those friend tokens.But you think it’s right)
Goliath/The beast
(II, Great)
Olaf/Moana, can deal more Damage (esp. problems with Joy/Olaf friend Champaign)
Violet/Ralph, Can make enemies don’t kill them so fast.
Joy/Olaf, That is strong enough.
QoH/Alice, Refresh is better.
Hades/Meg, Can deal more damage
Anger/Hades, Stronger one.
Anger/Zurg, Faster chair
Bo/Woody, Strong damage.
Jafar/Gaston, Can make Jafar stay longer.
Jafar/Scar, First attacks KO’es many enemies .
T&B/Stitch, Strong normal damage counters.
Randall/Gaston, that why PB nerf it.
Oogie/Hook, More power than I think.
Flynn/Rapunzel, Great charms.

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My worsts:
Dash(Fi), unnoticeable energy removal
Ralph(Va), very weak stun buff
Ralph(Ja), very weak healing
Frozone(Ev), so why would I want to freeze my allies?
Calhoun(Fe), encourages her to use a very very weak skill.
Launchpad(Da), provides no actual buff and is extremely situational

The Best Disk is Winnie The Puuh - Goofy Disk.
The Bad Disk Mike - Jack Jack Disk.
Because Puuh heals with Goofy Disk all Allies.
Because Mike has with Jack Jack Disk Fantastic
Damage of Enemies.

No picks for best disk?

Also, King Louie’s Pan disk can be useful if the last enemy you’re facing has very, very high HP, armor, and reality. Not sure where you’d find a lone enemy like that, though.

No picks for best disk?

Also, several of your choices I’ve found very useful from time to time, and I suspect you don’t understand a few of them (like Judy/Felix, which buffs everyone, not just controls).

No picks for best disk?

Also, some people have been reporting success by using Calhoun(Fe) in invasion, so that disk may have a use after all.

I’ll agree with this list, and add Woody’s disk with Jessie; I can’t count the number of times I’ve won a battle I otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance of winning simply by pulling Mal/Meg/Elsa/etc. to the front at the start of battle and stunning them.

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This disk takes place for the worst.

JJ (Bo)

A 0.1 second stun? Is this a joke?


Best disks Imo:

Launchpad (Hi)
Randall (Both disks)
Hiro (Da)
Joy (Ol)
Goofy (Je)
Huey, Dewey and Louie (Do)
Tron (Fl)
Animal (Go) - except PvP defenses
Some more I’m forgetting rn

Worst disks Imo:

Launchpad (Da)
Buzz (Fl) - easily the worst one
Li Shang (Kr)
Gonzo (La)
Maui (Mo)
All disks that only affect tanks
Ralph (Ja)
Jack-Jack (Bo)
Vanellope (Me)
Scar (QH)
Calhoun (Fe)
Animal (Wa)
Some more I’m forgetting rn

The best disks for me are:
Joy (Olaf) - Self explanatory.
Colette (Sally) - 750 starting energy + 140 if you use Wall-e means she will use her active at the start of the battle. Good against Timon and Pumbaa.
Peter(Alice) - 125% Basic damage and skill power buff to allies, how’s that not OP?
Goofy(Jessie) - 200% more Damage if the enemy is blinded, use Hank and Dory and Powerline and that means always.
The Evil Queen(Gaston) - Kristoff but worse and with stuns.
Anger(Zurg) - Long lasting Speed buff, useful for invasion although is useless against heroes that steal buffs.
Jessie(Judy) - 65% dodge chance at 5 stars.

And for my worst ones.
Colette (Meg) - Use only if you need the HP and Skill power buff, otherwise is pretty situational.
Huey, Dewey and Louie(Joy) - Very situational and pretty useless. Why would a bear trap hit a Tank?
Elsa(Both) - Elsa really does have pretty situational disks, it would be better if they were focused on more than a role.
Mickey (Sulley) - This needs a refresh.

I wanted to write them yesterday, but it’s already 1AM, so I will write them today

What about your favorite disks, @Musketeer?

Yeah, I really like the characters and was looking forward to using them in the game, but I quickly learned that the only two ways their bear traps would hit an enemy tank were: 1. the enemy had at least 3 tanks on their team, forcing at least one to start further back than usual, and 2. knockbacks.

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Also, King Louie’s Pan disk can be useful if the last enemy you’re facing has very, very high HP, armor, and reality. Not sure where you’d find a lone enemy like that, though.

I’ve found having Louie in Invasion has been most helpful, the bot will be unable to summon fighters as defenders throughout the entire fight. Leaving the mama bot to take the full brunt of an all out attack. Adding the most entertaining fight scenes with the bot sometimes stuck in the ceiling unable to attack. Hilarious​:rofl::rofl:

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