Best yellow team invasion boss team?

What are some good combinations for the yellow boss fights? I have really great blue and red teams, but I’m just stuck on yellow. Thanks :slight_smile:

Mim, Elastigirl [JJ], and Stitch [Ma] (maxed disk) are all heroes you wanna use for yellow invasion

You can use any hero for defense, as long as they are good defenses


Mim (either disk)
Elastigirl (Jack-Jack disk, 5 stars required)
Esmeralda (either disk)
Jim (either disk, Red Skill required)
Sheriff of Nottingham (literally just needs his Blue skill unlocked)


Adding on to what’s been said before: If you don’t have Jim Hawkins’s red skill, Angel works fine as long as she has her blue skill. People who use Esmeralda say she’s better than Animal (Gonzo disk) or Kida for invasion bosses, but either of those two will still work. And for slowing the bot, King Louie (Peter Pan disk, at least 3 stars) is still the gold standard, but either Stitch or Sheriff will work well enough.

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Mim, Louie/pan, kida, sheng, elastigirl/jj is the old standard.
Mim, Louie/pan, Jim elastigirl/jj is all you need. You can throw in pretty much anyone for the fifth toon as long as you can keep alive. I use finnick/hopps. Some use animal…….
As noted above Five star disks for elastigirl/jj and Louie/pan or you have to use slows and reality shreds.
Stitch/Maui is ok but the results are inconsistent based on how his slobber skill works.
Mims wants to have her blue skill up a bit if you want to use her early as it’s the one that counts. Otherwise you need to use a different team until you’ve collected enough powerups to catch up.

FYI for blue Jim, Louie/pan, and shego. For red Jim, Louie/pan, and Russel. That’s all you need so it’s worth investing in Jim and Louie/pan

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Working on Louie’s pan disk now

You do not need to level Louie. It’s all about the disk stars. My Louie is at orange 0 for example

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