Better Ducks

Alrighty, forumers… I need y’all to help me out (if you don’t mind that is). I want to write guides for the following:

  • Scrooge McDuck
  • Donald Duck
  • Launchpad McQuack
  • Gizmoduck

Unfortunately, I’ve no practical experience with these heroes. I can make some neat theory crafting, but I’d prefer insight from players who have used them in all the game modes. If you guys can provide me some screenshots or even videos that showcase these characters, that’d be super-duper! But even without those things, just any amount of help will go a long way. I appreciate you guys in advance!


Scrooge mcduck has a very unique gimmick to him which…involves coins(because he’s scrooge) he throws coins which goes into a pile in the backline of enemies which grows as he throws more coins and then he can use his white skill to draw back the coins he threw to cause damage to enemies and heal himself when he has his purple skill

Aka the bigger the pile, the more it hurts

Also for his green skill he does his famous cane bounce on enemies which knocks enemies back

Scrooge is best allies with attack speed boosters. He will be able to dish out more damage with his active as the money stacks. Which is what his red skill does.

The downside is that he doesn’t have fantastic crit, and will have to rely on scarers to do crit damage. Of course, Skellington is the best option. Along with Mike.

Scrooge is fairly vulnerable to disables or debuffs.

But in reality, I find that Scrooge doesn’t synergize on core with heroes. He is just a hero that invests in many so he can get the job done, and get most of the credit for victories to himself. He just benefits from everyone and doesn’t benefit others.

Also to the backline hero. He damage with his basic damage the farness one.

Wait, really? He will always attack the farthest enemy?


He actually will attack the farthermost enemy

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But the pile of coins in the back when he tosses coins (and a sack of coins) is important for his white attack

The bigger the pile…the more powerful his white skill is

You can work on Hercules if you want Scrooge McDuck to deal more damage via His white skill OR you can work on Huey, Dewey, & Louie if you want Him to be more supportive by pulling enemies with least HP closer.

Donald duck Is a control now

He has very good skills, high attack power, has tenacity, and has a chance of absorbing debuffs and randomly attaching them with his white skill

But he has kinda low armor

I found him useful in the arena as well as in the surge (as long as he keeps being healed)


I need more information you guys! Please, it will be really helpful.

I just got gizmoduck and I been working on him for some time now

I’ll have info for you when I’m done testing him

Gizmoduck is a great fit for a study team like with heroes like barbossa (tia disk) and merlin

Gizmoduck’s gadgets can give any team a edge in any mode,allies can appreciate him giving allies in front of him and behind him his armor, however I found out that invasion can be a difficult situation for him when faced with mama bots.

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