Bit Drop Rates Infuriatingly RIDICULOUS!

I’m incredibly irked right now. Your drop rate is SOOOOOO MESSED UP!!! I just spent full stamina (750) plus a level up bonus stamina boost and only got 47 of 50 Gummybeary Juice bits!!! How do you expect anybody to build up their heroes with odds like that!!! This game is losing my support quickly. I’ve been in support of the strike (along with my guild on server 2) and I didn’t renew my diamond subscription because I highly doubt I’ll still be here in a year if things don’t change.


The drop rate has always been 25% for displayed bits, without a double drop - with a few (like 3) exceptions. To get 50 bits, you’d need to spend 6*200=1200 stamina. :man_shrugging:t2:

Yeah, it’s low. :frowning:


yeah that’s why you pretty much should always use double drops if your spending a lot of stamina.

It does bring up another potential option for improvement though. You could adjust the “game economy” pretty easily by increasing drop rates, too. Instead of recalculating resource matrices or lowering the stamina/gold cost of items - just increase drop rates!


Yes, drop rates are very low. And they should be increased.

Another similar solution would be reducing stamina costs.


Well I’m this case this was my normal check-in stamina use. I used a double over the weekend. But the sad thing is that it shouldn’t take a DD to succeed in the game, especially with the red badges. At that rate, it would take all my resources over a week to potentially finish one badge. And then I have to do that 14 more times to get my top 15 one badge each!!! Those drop rates are necessary bad for when the game started, but now they are outrageous for for the higher level farming that needs to be done.

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This has been stated so often in the past 2 years. 25% is not enough with 5 new heroes being released in average every month.
But as usual every suggestion for game, heroes and resources balancing was useless.
I truly hope that the spending strike can “persuade” the devs to change resource output significantly.

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Badge Cost should be reduced, And Probability for getting badge should Increase as well. It Just take alot stamina and In Max Rarity , Its really TOXIC , even deals are terrible. So How PB expecting players(Like F2P, low spenders) can keep up with Regular Cap raises and rushing updates

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