Black Market Timer

I do not know why this feature is not in the game already. The Black market has a 20 hour limit before appearing again. Why is there no visible timer when I hit the black market when it is not activated? Same issue with mega mart. If you have questions, ask below

Do you think a visible timer is a good idea?
  • Yes
  • No

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Is this the cooldown for the next one to appear?

Yes. There is no reason not to have it.

It just says “20 hour reset” I sometimes waste all of my stamina trying to fins it and then it doesn’t come so I have nothing to unlock it, it isn’t a good system now, but with that timer it can be better.


If you voted “no”, why? I would like to hear your opinions

The problem you would have if a countdown timer were included like you suggest is that pretty quickly the forums would be overrun with players who don’t really understand how the cooldown timer works complaining.
There would be post after post along the lines of “the black market timer reached zero and it didn’t appear for me, I’ve wasted all my stamina and now I demand completely disproportionate compensation from the developer”.

Maybe it might appear randomly

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