Breaking level cap in surge

As I understood it, opponent lineups in surge were taken directly from arena and coliseum. If that’s the case, how has my surge got opponents with characters above the current server level cap (220)?

@Polaris can you please confirm whether this is some kind of error or if it is normal to have the level cap be broken in surge, as it can be in city watch (which I have always hated as it creates an unfair disadvantage for characters with a skill set that relies heavily on level based skills).

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It’s normal. Opponents in surge start exactly as they’re taken from arena/coli. But with each wave they become slightly stronger

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Adding to what Phaldrow said, every time the guild completes a region in Creep Surge, the heroes in all the districts in that region have their levels increased by one. If those heroes were close to the level cap already, they’ll go over it at some point during the surge.

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