Broken frozen comp

Hi , how can i counter that frozen team with olaf elsa and kristoff ? I tryed so many things…
Thx for help

Kevin Flynn can cleanse disables, thoug if we knew your server, we could be of more help.

Donald is the absolute best counter for heavy disable teams like freeze teams. Kevin Flynn and Anger should work too.

Piggy can block disables really well, and Anger can’t be frozen. As mentioned, Kevin Flynn is a good counter as well.

I use my freeze team and these are the three that can cause trouble.

So what do you do when they arive.?

Well, I really just avoid them unless we are close in level. Usually my team performs well against teams with much higher power.

On top of that, teams with heavy hardy users are a problem when I run a freeze comp.

If something needs like 3-5 people to be OP, I dont really mind it. I do mind those singular heroes that outlast their teams and wipe out entire lineups.

Are there any heroes with cleanse abilities you would ignore & dive into battle when present?

I would really fight any of them as long as we are close in level.

If their level/power is significantly higher than mine, then I just avoid them.

I’ve recently used Rapunzel as a counter to Elsa. When she enters she gets energy quite fast, from i presume 'Suns gift. If her white skill is developed she will get Elsa in the front, stunned and Elsa can be destoyed by others soon

I beat a team with ten thousand more power than me and I was extremely surprised yet I’ve lost against teams weaker than me using the same team. Strange? Yes.

10,000 higher is hardly anything. And it’s not all that strange, lots of factors come into play.

I’m talking more like 100,000 power gaps.

Wow I’m only level 58 so my team power is only 30,000 so a 100,000 difference Is not very realistic for me…

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I’d say Donald and Liguini and Remy are your best bets. Also, if he’s not out of your reach, tron.

Im on sevr 22. My donald can’t hold all that freeze …

In server 21 most common “counters”
-Mr Incredible
-Donald Duck

Just learned in this thread that Rapunzel could help.
Sometimes my Jafar charms enemy Olaf which also helps.

I also faced this combination & I went with Hank & Dory which have advantage of blinding enemies at the start of battle & Zafar compliment blinding effect & which extend the blinding duration. With them I used Gonzo which also stun the team at the start so they are stun and blind with good amount of damage. You can use either Elsa & olaf to freeze the team as they got sufficient time to develop their skill while the enemies are blind & stunned. I used elsa as it does good damage also to all enemies. Last hero I used is Powerline as it makes a late entry when enemies are blind & stunned, if somehow 1-2 toons are not blinded , freezed or stunned they will get good damage & blind by late entry skill of powerline. Also powerline compliment elsa freezing by its cloud and then use white skill of powerline which will give good damage. I am on level 72 so don’t have disk so not mentioning them.

Just use duck tales team

Use powerline with D&B disk, he enters right after Elsa freezes, freeing everyone. I run launchpad/d&b/powerline/h&d/Goofy and freeze teams are trivial

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