Buffs are cool, but almost every old hero needs some


Not only those who mentioned in the update.

For example, Buzz’s health is quite low and he has the lowest reality in the whole game(Meanwhile O2 enhanced Shank with disk has about 22k armor and 10k reality). And he can’t seem to look like glass cannon, Merida does his job better most of the time.

Vanellope is better at surviving, but worse at dmg, as, like with Buzz, Active does much less damage than everything else in her kit on high levels. No to mention, AOE damage in this game is risky to be even considered, thus it needs to be good.

Frozone’s utility is lower than any other control hero in the game, he even looks laughable compared to WALLE.

Yax is… i don’t know, he has like the biggest heal in the game, but nothing else to be in line with Mickey and other supporting stuff.

I won’t even talk about Finnick, he’s currently the worst in everything.


There’s no way they are not going to buff Frozone, right? They already implemented a cohesion in freeze team in the form of Olaf and his purple skill that debuffs enemies that were frozen by ANY SOURCE.

There’s no reason to not buff Frozone’s purple skill to act in a similar way.


They could just increase Frostbite damage to some reasonable amount. To look like Elsa with a different kit.


I want Maui to have a Buff


Felix needs some more armor/reality, more hp, and tenacity. He isn’t really a tank if he can’t stay alive longer than 7 seconds on the battlefield.


No, guys, you’re touching some situationally relevant stuff.

O2 enhanced Felix has 4k armor and something around 6500 reality. Not that bad considering hes strictly balanced around infinite potential healing and his frozone disk.
if there’s something that could save him - it’s some health buff, because he gets rekt by any kind of control anyway, just like heroes with a potential to delay fight timers.

He’s actually not that bad. Poor defensive stats, but usable, and can deal 33k damage with enhanced O2 and Genie disk with bite. Pair with Mickey and Walle and will be decent. In a world where single target damage cannot be found, it’s kinda something.


It’s funny that you guys think finnick is bad :joy:


Well, definitely not the most amazing unit out there. I think he had two things about him that made me leave him alone long time ago? His Pummel Pop, which damage was just sad, and his stats that were also very poor. But apart from that? Man, such amazing debuffer.


Wot I mean is Maui should have a buff on his health. His skills r fine. But not his health.


What am I missing? I never see him in any high level teams. I literally just checked all of Challenger Coliseum - not one.


So apparently O heard somewhere that Finnick and Vanelope are useful to bring down darkwing duck?


I don’t really think you’re missing anything other than most people can’t say with authority how good he is becasethey they don’t have him maxed out. In addition he’s got some anti synergies with some heroes for instance he’s horrible with Ursula. He’s very good with certain teams however.