Bug in war or what

Could someone explain how this is possible?

I remember having that guy in my guild before. He was kicked due to hacking, and this is an example of this. Let your guild members know about this immediately, and warn others about them.


Exact same player as reported last month:

I wonder how many times they’ve been reported to support by now.


Oh yeah, I forgot about that. I’m surprised nothings’ been done about him yet.

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I’m not.

Oh…yikes. Has nothing happened to that player?

I gave up trying to keep track of him about a month after that comment, because by that point it had been over 5 months since he’d been reported; I figured if nothing had happened by then, nothing was going to. :man_shrugging:

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Wow. I don’t understand why PerBlue does nothing about this stuff.

there’s always the chance that the cheater might spend money, or that others might spend money to beat it :man_shrugging:

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