Bug with Mr Big…

There is a bug with Mr Big in some combinations he don’t stop using his white skills and the fight freeze until the time is over… I made a video if I can send you somehow please review!

Thank you

Link for the Video:


@Loutre maybe you can have a look and forward to the dev Team?

where is the video

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It’s his Baloo disk :yawning_face:

Baloo disk need nerfing it’s too strong. Needs energy gained cut down in half tbh maximum 50 energy gained at 5*

Could the team look at Mr Bigs Baloo disk @Loutre

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This is not a bug. It’s supposed to work like this. He is just a strong freeze hero

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Yes but the fight stops and he freeze and freeze so you lose in the arena! That’s not normal and it should be fixed

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I can’t post the video here it’s not allowed but I made a link

I definitely agree that his Baloo disk needs a nerf.
From 20 to 12-15 energy per star.

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Russell needs a nerf on his shatter ability it has the same effect as baloo disc on big

That is totally bugged. Baymax is stuck too

It doesn’t…

It’s a shame they don’t have a hero that can counter Mr. Big’s freezes. A friendship disk giving your team immunity to freezes for even the first 5 seconds of the wave would give you an opportunity to neutralize him. Ah well…

Poor sarcasm…

Pretty sure top player as Stan is aware of this disk :roll_eyes:
But 5s as it is… it isn’t enough. Nobody can stop him after that 5s.

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Yup. Count everyone else as well. Only Mr Big is moving. I don’t see any possible factors that reduce Mr Big’s freezes to be so fast. So it is a bug CONFIRMED

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It’s not a bug… everyone freezes for a split second whenever someone uses their active

Since Mr. Big freezes and scares at the same time he can get 1000 energy per use with a 5-star Baloo disk. And since fantastic damage is disabled, Mr. Big is able to spam it multiple times per second, because no one is able to KO enemies.

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Everyone on both teams are stuck. Did you even watch the video?

I don’t have to.

I’ve seen it before with Flynn Rider

People come here for help. This looks like a valid complaint to me that they just wanted the community manage to review.

If you want to dismiss it or argue with it then you should at least take the 30 seconds to watch the clip before forming an opinion based on nothing. Otherwise you are just spreading false information at best and trolling at worst.


Stan2Be gave enough info for me to know what’s going. I’ve seen clips of heroes stalling the timer because they’re spamming their active (Like Flynn Rider). I’m not spreading any misinformation.

Do the math, okay? Mr. Big freezes and scares everyone, and gains 1000 energy. What will he do next? Freeze and scare again. But since Mr. Big can’t deal damage, he can’t stop.

It’s not a bug. It’s a matter of Mr. Big’s Baloo disk being broken.


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I also remember seeing it with the beast at some point when the beast received DoT from Pleakley and spammed his white skill

Technically it is not a bug as Djaq said, but that does not mean that the Baloo disk is broken so hopefully @Loutre tells the team to do something (Reduce the energy gain of the Baloo disk, maybe)

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