Bug's Life character ideas

I loved Bug’s Life when I was a little kid and it would be awesome to see some characters back again. I have some very loose ideas of some characters but I just wanna see if there’s any interest for them.

Flik- There was a playstation game that had him throwing seeds that give him tools. In the movie he is also an inventor.

Heimlich the Caterpillar- Big and bulky body but eventually transforms into a butterfly.

Dim the beetle- A big beetle that could be a tank.

Gypsy the moth and Manny the mantis- I was thinking that these could be two separate heroes that have an interaction with each other if they’re together. They performed magic tricks together and charm other heroes.

Tuck and roll the pillbugs- They did cannonball tricks at the circus.

Rosie the spider- She was a “lion” tamer where Dim was the lion.

There are also Slim the stick bug and Francis the lady bug who were a trio along with Heimlich.

Hopper the grasshopper- Bad guy.

Or the other ants like Princess Atta and Dot the tiny one.

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Role: Tank

Position: Front

“Someday, i be a beautiful butterfly and then everything will be better.”

The lovable yet glutinous caterpillar throws his weight around against his enemies.

Entrance: flops into battle

Victory: turns into a beautiful butterfly

Defeat: turns pales as he cowers in fear.

White: Belly Flops: flops into the enemies squashing them.

Green: Baby wants Pie: Throws a pie at enemies

Blue: A Very Hungry Caterpillar: He eats a piece of candy corn which gives them energy

Purple: mmm… boysenberry: Baby wants Pie slows enemies



Campaign: Baymax teaches Heimlich the importance of diet and excercise.

Disk: Healthy Eating: A very Hungry Caterpillar heals Heimlich


I really like the Baymax friendship! I think it’s fitting both visually and story wise

I created the concepts for 3 grasshoppers. I hope you enjoy them.

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