Bullseye Concept

Description: Woody’s loyal steed, Bullseye, dashes into battle, to support allies or damage enemies.

Trial team: Blue

Basic Attack: Kicks the opponent

Victory: Whinnies in celebration (like Maximus)

Defeat: Whimpers as he falls on his back

White skill: Ride Like the Wind!
Fantastic Damage
Bullseye runs through his enemies 6 times dealing damage to all of them, the 6th time he hits the closest enemy only, and that enemy is knocked back and an extra X damage is dealt to them.

Green Skill: Perfect Aim
True Damage
Bullseye dodges a melee attack and strikes who targeted him with a headbutt, dealing X damage and leaving that enemies stunned for 5 seconds. This can only be used every 8 seconds. This attack ignores armor and reality.

Blue Skill: Shielding Horseshoes
Bullseye tosses 3 of his allies a horseshoe granting who he throws the horseshoes to a shield for X HP and 4 stacks of Hardy

Purple Skill: The Steed
When Bullseye uses Shielding Horseshoes, the frontmost ally gains Reflect for 8 seconds.

Reflect prevents 100% of the damage that would’ve been dealt to you from hitting and sends it back to the opponent.

Red Skill: Woody’s Horse

Bullseye now arrives 5 seconds late to combat, and when he arrives he immediately activates Ride Like the Wind.

Whenever an enemy goes invisible, and attempts a melee attack on Bullseye, he automatically activates Perfect Aim and targets that enemy.

Description: The two horses set out with Woody, Flynn Rider and Slinky Dog to fight any creeps in their path.

Disk: Andy’s Signature
Effect: Perfect Aim heals Bullseye for X HP

Description: Woody welcomes Buzz Lightyear to The Roundup Gang, and they fight creeps
Allies: Buzz, Jessie, Stinky Pete (concept coming soon)

Disk: Toy Box

Effect: The Steed heals allies X HP per second


I don’t fully get this skill yet. When is a stun applied? Does Bullseye deal damage the first 5 times he runs through??

So please elaborate here!

For the rest I think it’s a good concept!

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I think he runs through and deals damage to enemies all 6 times… the 6th though he only hits the front one, knocks that enemy back and applies stun… I could be wrong though…

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There is no picture.

Wait a second 1 of the skills in woody s skillset bullseye wouldnt it be tricky to adding him?

Bulleyes (the horse) is not directly in the game, so that would not be a compromising factor. The problem would be more that we already have a lot of Toy Story heroes in the game.


Sorry I forgot it was supposed to say stun but I changed it

Wait there is?! He doesn’t deal any damage!

Tbh there’s lot of Zootopia characters. Yet they just added Mr Big and Koslov

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