Bullying is continueing

Hi perblue king simba here from server 21 i would just like to tell you that the whole of global in server 21 is bullying me but i can’t leave as i have really good progress in the game so i wanted to ask you if you could help me sort it out

Hope to hear back soon

Kind regards king simba from server 21

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I don’t see why PB should be involved in this. You may block the person then report them or you can contact support with proof.


It isn’t just one person

Then do the same for them.

It’s the whole of global

I suggest just chatting with your guild. Turn off notifications for global chat. 21 is a very toxic server on chat. Play the game and do not worry about making friends and do not let the bullies get to you.


Well i only have 1 friend


As someone who’s in S21, it is toxic. But yeah, just play the game and have fun. :pensive:

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Bravo pls help me on server 21

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Honestly, I would love to help you. But you really aren’t listening to what we are saying. If you did, you wouldn’t have to make another topic about it. Just mute global. If you are a social player, then you can join another server. You can keep your progress in s21 by muting global, and just chat in another, less toxic server.


That was quite rude but ok

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Sorry if I was rude, that was not intentional. But please just listen to us, we are trying to help you.

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I do have server 2 but it’s just as bad idk what to do anymore

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Reading chats there they have been incredibly rude to him, but the best thing to do is block them, ignore them, and enjoy the game. (You know who you are)

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Server 2 and 21 aren’t the only servers. Join another one, maybe s19. Btw, I’m in s2, and it’s sometimes toxic :sweat_smile:, but I don’t think it’s as bad as 21.


They want me to die

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You told me that people are still contacting you through PMs even though you have muted global, so like I said there toggle off the option for people to contact you through PMs though going to the chat settings.

You can find the chat settings by clicking on the cog in the top right corner of the normal chat menu.
There click on the option that other players has to be friend with you to private chat with you.

And yeah, really sad to hear that people are still like this to you in the game :-(.

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Do you agree/believe what they say?

TBH though, PLEASE take action on the advice we are giving. It will be better for you in the long run. If it really is so bad that you cannot take it, please highly consider leaving the server. @Kira and @Giosphere gave some great advice.


Sometimes i even cry myself to sleep because of it

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I know you’re bullied in Global of S 21… But please don’t generalize that all players there are bullying you. Remember that we all make mistakes sometimes. It’s either that they bully you just for fun or that they bully you to get even on you. I don’t know what you did, but if you did something to them that you don’t know it will offend them, it’s either you or both of you are the problem. Anyways, if you encounter bullying, you reporting this kind of situation is the right thing to do.

Greetings from Miraculous Lance. :grin:

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