Bushroot- Concept

Bushroot Concept


Bushroot mutated in a duck-plant hybrid in a science experiment and is now using his connection with the plants to accomplish criminal acts and to establish long-term botanical world domination

“Now there is only one thing left for me to do… To laugh like a crazy. Ha Ha Ha”

2 Stars hero
Role: tank
Position: front line
Team: yellow

Entrance: Bushroot comes in

Victory: Bushroot looks enthusiastic


Defeat: Bushroot takes the sorry pose and Hasso lowers his head


White ability: Well done Hasso.
Hasso runs through a random opponent who is thrown back a bit

Green ability: The root of all evil.
Bushroot breaks the ground with his long arms, roots come out on the other side and traps the strongest enemy and inflict X damage
Normal harm

Blue Skill: Plant Power
Bushroot creates a brew and heals himself and his team for X


Purple ability: true greatness.
Healing increases by 25%

Friends: Bushroot and Megavolt.
Bushroot and Megavolt are of different views on how to get rid of Darkwing Duck. Bushroot believes it can only do it with a plant army and megavolts with a gigantic current generator. They agree on a competition where the winner decides


Tanks are never backline, most of them are frontline

But anyways, this is a decent concept :+1:

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Thanks. What Heros are backline?

Sometimes the other role types if they attack from far away except Tank characters (Hades is the only midline Tank)

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Okay thanks, that’s good to know

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His name is Bushroot, not Benjamin Buxbaum

Apparently this is his name in german

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Benjamin Buxbaum is his name in German. I didn’t know his name in English because I had only seen the series in German. I will change the name in a moment


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