Buying badges with chips

With the invasion mods we got another way to spend the hundreds of excess chips we horded for our 6* heroes. But I still have many chips leftover. I’d like to have a new way of spending those chips. I’d like to buy badges with them, but only for the hero I spend the chips of. I’m thinking of something like this: in the item screen there could be a new button next to the power craft button: „create and equip with chips“. That way I could use my hero chips to strengthen this specific hero. And while at first this would hurt PerBlue a little economicly (because many players have a lot of chips lying around), in the future things like diamond crate deals would be far more interesting to buy for medium spending players like me. Right now diamond crates are really only useful for getting new heroes. And that’s not that interesting for me because there are already some heroes I own that I can’t afford to max out. But diamond crates a a great source for hero chips. If I could use those chips for something useful like crafting badges, I think many players would be tempted to get the occasional deal.