Can someone explain the quick fights in surge

So as you know in 1.17 they introduced quick fights in surge but gave little to no info on how quick fights works and so was wondering what everyone take on it was now that everyone has experienced it what have you found out about it. Cause I find it very confusing and complex on heroes to use cause I’m not sure what’s it’s based on

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Quick Fights have existed for a while now. It started out in the friend campaigns.

Quick fight in creep surge is basically fighting behind the scenes in combat like friend campaigns, invasion and city watch.

I know but they added them to creep surge now and didn’t clarify power wise you need to win

In those modes it kind of fixed power wise quick fights in surge it’s fend for yourself like I used 2 hereos and won and 5 and lost no rhyme or reason

Quick fighting is, essentially, the game putting the battle on auto behind the scenes and speeding it up by a lot.


It’s exactly the same as quick fighting invasion or city watch, the outcome is not guaranteed.


When doing the quick fights, does it count towards collections? Wasn’t %100 sure about that.

Another good question haven’t paid attention

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It should do, if it’s not then that’s probably a bug

Quick fights do not depend on power. You can throw a strong Randall at a really poor quality but high power team and win using the quick fight method. You can throw 5 really strong but terribly thought out heroes at a weaker team that works well together and lose.

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