Can someone give best blind team?

I am trying arena with this team against freeze teams

Hank & dory, powerline, goofy, gonzo and kristoff & swen. I am winning this even with low power than opponent. Any thoughts on this team plus how to make this team better ?

If you’re building a blind team, Jafar(Scar disk) is a must have. Especially paired with Goofy(Bonus damage for Jafar’s blue) and Powerline(Jafar’s blue gives bonuses to Powerline’s white). Probably instead of Kristoff I would also include Bogo instead of Gonzo-he also blinds an area, and he is very tough to defeat, especially with his disable resistance(Which is helpful if you struggle against freeze teams).

Mushu seems like a really good blinder too.

You don’t know what blinding means, don’t you? Because Mushu can’t blind enemies.


Mulan and Bogo might be a fairly potent duo on a blinding team thanks to Bogo’s new Red skill.

WALL-E (Da) would be also a good addition, giving energy when someone blinds would be very useful, and of course also blinding enemies himself. Minnie also can blind with her Blue skill in a similar way as Colette’s White skill. If I were to make a Blind team, I would use: Goofy (Je), Hank and Dory (Ra), WALL–E (Da) Colette(Sa) or Minnie(Mickey) (Although Colette would be more effective since Minnie’s more focused on Charming than Blinding.) And Powerline(Go).

right in the point.

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