Can’t played well

Bug every time I try to play. Unhappy to play if everytime is always a bug.

Could you please be more specific? What bug are you talking about?


Have a bug in war , in heist also in arena i have print screenshots In heist i put the heroes near to the thief but i cant see my heroes when i click fight button

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If you play heist you can see it your heroes. Your doing war always lagged. You don’t know bUg?

I haven’t found any bug in heist or war. Except a pretty old war bug that causes heroes like Aladdin to miss their targets with the entrance in defense.

I still don’t get what’s the problem in those screenshots. Of course I might be missing something, but from what I see, the first image is just a normal heist, the second one shows the results of a past war, and the third one is just Merlin fighting in heist.

What are the bugs you’re talking about?

One of merlins powers is to turn invisible, I don’t think there is a bug

No wait, I think I got what they mean.
You can’t use your own heroes for heist fights, right?
Well, that’s normal. You can only call close heroes in heists. It’s not a bug. :man_shrugging:


You know i put close to the gem where the thief goes but its sometimes this always happened . I knew what you wanted to tell me. I am not only playing just now. Okey? I played almost 209 days. Not only heists also in war sometimes I can’t raid sometimes i lost connection server.

Sometimes the heroes you can call in heists aren’t the closest ones. Not sure why though. Guess it depends on the exact moment when the thief is found.

Try contacting player support maybe, I can’t help you much with this.

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See? Take a look in my contest. I was already told that was a bug . My contest was stopped or stock up…how can I contact the I.T.

If it is not a bug what is that? Take a look again? My contest was not accurate in rank I should be top of dread fan.

lol Contest rank refresh once a day…When refresh time ll happen it will refresh

Contes ranks are updated once a day, in my server and timezone is 12pm each day. I’m not really sure how different timezone affects this.

However, I heard that if you’re in the top 200, the contest rank are updated in real-time. I have never been close enough to top 200 to experience this myself

If there is another fight near you, where your 4 other heroes are the closest ones for that fight, those 4 heroes will be tied to that fight.

Just to be safe, I always make sure that no other fight around me or if there are one, wait until that fight is over before I start my fight.

Lol maybe you ulol. Hahaha I know that… what you said it was my strategy hahaha

Are you the I.T.? Hehehe

Ulol hahaha. That was already two days . Hahaha

Maybbe u didnt checked well.Check nlw if its updated

What? Hahaha

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