Can’t seem to figure out which disk is best


For Ursula,

Ch16 here and I get one or two people telling me opposite in chat.

Which does everyone prefer here on the forums?

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Tia Dalma’s is more universal, fits in most scenarios because Ursula herself is a control hero, she always gains some bonus energy.

Hades one is better suited for some PvP battles, where you know your bois will die. I’d hold off using it though, unless it already has some stars it’s not very useful

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Hades is hardly worth it.
it gives less skill power and if your ally dies, chances that Hex will be of use will get significantly lower.

Lower enough to consider even 200 starting energy from Tia disk better.


Ursula Tia is the typically prefered option as the disk with Hades’ requires you to have heroes falling on your side. It’s fairly defeatist when compared to the other. Whereas Tia’s disk giving her more energy per Control role ally allows for some interesting combinations.

Myself personally love combining that disk with Genie as while he plays more like a support is labeled a control allowing other high tier supports to be used elseware e.g. Mickey, Woody, etc. Also if Genie gives either the energy or invincibility to Ursula almost guarentees her to get her hex off.