Can we please have new campaigns?

I think that we really need new campaigns such as these ideas: world domination! The heroes need help defeating villains in this map! Team up with friends and destroy all villains before they spread darkness to disneyworld! ( map is Disney world and can be unlocked at lvl 98).

  1. World heroes war! Help the heroes get back their movies from the creeps! You can only use the heroes that are in that movie, such as: Hercules: Hercules,Meg and hades. Aladdin: Aladdin,jasmine and jafar. ( can be unlocked at lvl 55)

  2. Princess power! Creeps have taken over the world and the princesses are the only ones who can stop them! Use these max lvl princesses that the game gives you and kick some creep butt! Girl power!( can be unlocked after you finish the original campaign chapter 5!)

So these are my ideas for new campaigns! Hope you see this and try to make it! Bye! ( oh and I almost forgot that the people who comment can also come up with idea’s for new campaigns!)

Okay, how about this.

Solo Campaign: A campaign made specifically for each hero showcasing their typical day in the city not entirely like their own world.

Villains Unite: In this campaign, you strictly use villains as they defeat creeps to further there plans for domination of the city. Today the city, tomorrow the world!

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Too easy

Almost none of the villains in the game are up to date. Maybe Drakken and Shego but that’s it.

…okay??? I mean, for one, this is 4th-wall-breaking, and two, why would the creeps steal a bunch of DVDs?

Eh. I get it, Girl Power and stuff, but it’s just too cliche.

I actually had a similar idea to your solo campaign idea. Maybe as you complete each chapter, you get a new component to increase your character’s stat.

Game mode ideas Personally still be a fan of the third suggestion made here over a year ago, and could bring more toons into the game that maybe not fighting types, but that’s just me. But do agree @Loutre we need something different besides the same fighting to earn things grind.

I’ll tell you the answers! For #1: all the villains will be super powered and each villain will be helped by clones of the heroes you fight with! For #2: I don’t mean stealing DVD’s I mean that the heroes will go into a portal and up in their own movies! And the heroes will stay the same!
For #3:it’s not cliche I mean it’s what I think but I don’t need to have to know what other people want and demand! After all it’s just a suggestion for the game not like it’ll be added while I speak

Um… movies or universes? Because if you’ve read the plot of the campaign, you’d know the heroes are trying to fight creeps to get back to their home



But people don’t want or demand this. I think you’re the only one to demand this specifically :man_shrugging:


For the first question it’s dimensions! For the second third and fourth I’ll and the Disney princes so it’s not too cliche

…not much a difference from universes, I guess



Ok so what do you want me to do?

This doesn’t make any sense.
It’s fun to sit around and come up with fanciful ideas, yes I understand that. But you’re acting like you can ask for you’re incredibly specific request and have The People at Perblue see you, specifically and say “Hey, let’s go through the trouble of convincing Disney to give the ok on this. Because that one person specifically has random, hollow and not well thought out ideas that are so important we should skip are entire system of how we do things just to do have done for them and only them.” and then you act like you have the power to give this power you think you have to anyone who replies. And that Perblue will ALSO have time for that.
What on EARTH was you logic!?


Ok so if people want to say mean things about my post what should I do? Delete it cuz you guys are making me sad?

You do you. The opinions of others should not effect your thoughts. If I made sad, sorry, that wasn’t the intention. I was really confused as to what your logic was. But it seems pretty clear you’re new here and maybe don’t Understand how game development works.

You should have fun coming up with your own ideas and other stuff. But don’t expect or act like they’ll appear in game. They almost certainly won’t. That’s just how this works.

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