Can we please lose the Raid Tickets in Stamina deals and add extra Stamina to what we are paying for!

I know of no one in the game that has ever needed Raid Tickets. You gain them in game faster than you can use them. I prefer the old offers without them. I have been far less inclined to buy Stamina Storm deals when the Raid Tickets are part of the “value.” Just some player since day 1 feedback!


Hi @Deputy_Wafflez and welcome to the forums.

I am in the same boat as you when it comes to raid tickets. I currently have more than 30 thousand of them and the amount increases every day. All that said, for quite a while now there has been more than a few people on the forums requesting a way to gain raid tickets as they weren’t high enough VIP level to get a sufficient amount. So it’s hard to say that they shouldn’t be offered to purchase, either way someone isn’t going to be happy.

To me the logical solution is to still offer them but not always to bundle them with other items that are beneficial to everyone (i.e. stamina).


I need stamina not more raid tickets. I have 70k raid tickets. Give us pure stamina deals without the fluff. I have already reduced my spending significantly as a result since most of my purchases were stamina.


I agree variety can be good. But every offer for some time now has been loaded with the raid tickets. I was hoping after awhile it would go back and so far it hasn’t. Figured all I could do was voice my opinion in the Feedback Corner!

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How about if we would be able to sell them for gold ?

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I actually have run out of raid tickets on many occasions during my stamina draining for loot so I am fine with them in deals personally

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I agree totally with this post.

After Power Crafting was added, there was a huge influx of misunderstanding people who complained about running out of raid tickets, because they’d done a ton of power crafting in single-drops without realising it was using them up. :roll_eyes:

The stamina cost change of reducing cost to 6 on older chapters also contributed, because that meant more battles and more raiding for equivalent stamina cost.

As far as I could see, that’s the player’s problem of resource management, not everyone elses’, and not really something PB had to do anything about. Anyone above VIP 3 or so should never have any sort of shortage of raid tickets if they play wisely (ie. raid mostly under double drops), and that’s easily achieved without spending a dime.

At least, if raid tickets continue to be offered in deals or other ways to help those who do need them, they should be additional to the regular deal value. For the majority of us, who don’t want them, the reduction in other deal rewards offered to compensate for them is having a really bad effect. :frowning_face:


The state of the deals is horrific, I have a 600 stamina pot deal for GBP 48.99 atm. The best I’ve seen in the recent month and a half is 200 stamina for 4.99 - even that is 45% of what I was getting 6 weeks ago.

My offers have gone from 1.8c per stamina pot at Orange 8 to 8.1c per stamina pot at R1 an increase of 450% in $ cost.

The ONLY reason I can think of for keeping stamina at this price point (bundled with raid tickets of zero value to anyone that spends) for so long is to shut out top spenders and disgruntle them to either spend ridiculous amounts (even for whales) or have them quit.
I think top players quitting is welcomed by PerBlue (they want new top whales that decide to spend as a result of “retiring top players”), they don’t do anything to retain these players and the recent patch is pure evidence of that - every single change was designed to slow top spenders and advance lower spenders.

The timing of these terrible deals and “special/exclusive (super expensive diamond purchases)” has made a bad situation much worse - this game is a closed economy managed 100% per Perblue, they control it. To pump stamina out one patch, get players hooked on large volumes of stamina then only to increase the cost by 400+% the next patch is very similar to what we saw in Invasion and completely immoral, this is physiological tactics to increase revenue - simple.

The fact that I, a passionate player, someone who runs a fan site and has defended many decisions made by Perblue in the past, and a top whale on S5 feel this way about the game at the moment should be enough for anyone to appreciate how bad it’s got.

This feels like the Perblue who “tested” different prizes for Arena and Col on the same servers, 50, 150 and 500 diamond maximums. The Perblue that is more interested in manipulating the actions of players and squeezing the final buck than making great enjoyable games.

@Polaris My patience is waning.


I’m not saying I don’t fully agree with this topic, but I’m VIP 4 yet I need Raid Tickets way more than Stamina itself.

Totally agree with @Emitz. Hope the patch notes today friday give us a good stamina deals! They need to make happy the veteran players, we were the first on trust them at the beginnig of the Game!


Well, it isn’t just the raid tickets that are the problem it seems :unamused:


Would like to get the normal stamina deals back. Noone can keep up except of hording and now you even cut these tactics short by designing +10 % premium stamina. What is a joke cause we paid for this cut short stamina which got a little boost…

Soo @Polaris your „fanbase“ is telling you something, might be kind to listen

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They did that on ds but were worth peanuts

The deal today is even worse. The ducks 42.99 are they having a laugh?

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Once you reach 70k raid tickets we talk again

I can hardly go over 100. I see this is an unpopular opinion, but I guess I’d spend some of my gold if raid tickets could be bought with gold. Really, they are the 2nd resource I need the most atm, after Badge Tokens for the contest

The statement of Emitz is a hundred percent on point - I have the same assumption and I herefore warn all top gamers:

The current diamond offers are made badly on intention to scare the top whales and old gamers away.

This is a common strategy in game psychology. Pls Google „Game Mechanics“
New gamers shun away from this game on the old servers as they are unable to achieve a top ranking position.
So the idea is to sow disarray and discontent by placing „unfair“ offers.

What can be done:

  • pls write to Justin Beck CEO of Perblue he has a twitter account.
  • perblue has 2 main investors .
  • Lightbank
  • Golden Angels Investors

Pls let them know that their investment is at stake.

Last and not least: stay calm

I honestly still support raid ticket deals. As I said,some people raid often and those deals help people like me do such. While I get your point. It is more efficient and the only alternative for getting Raid tickets other than raiding or video daily’s.

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