Can we please talk about mass false flagging

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Yeah, you first

Guys you’ve got to stop…

I don’t agree with what they have been doing but these false flags are borderline bullying.


Listen, it’s not us. He’s playing the victim.

We have not been flagging him, though.

Vice versa.

He is trying to frame us or something. Either that or someone else is spamming their flag button.

I just want something to be done about all the false flags

And to prove I didn’t flag myself:

You just proved that you did flag :man_facepalming:


Can we just leave this guy alone, NOW!?

Yes, they flagged l, we already knew. Just leave. Them Be. Don’t bring this incident up again. Don’t remind me. Just ssshhh.


No I ran out of flags so I couldn’t have flagged my posts and frame you

Okay, goodbye

I flagged youuuuu not meeeeeeeee

I mean, you could’ve flagged yourself?

Well this would not happen if that person stopped. Honestly I wish that this person would leave the forums. Because all they are doing is messing with good people.


People can flag their own posts?
lol why should that ever be needed?

Also flagging 21 posts seems excessive

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Yes. I tried that one myself.

One reason is… playing victim and framing others…
Second reason is… You want your unwanted posts to be at least irrelevant…

This forum is odd

No, I think name-stealer is making it odd for now

I didn’t flag myself. The regulars did

Please stop flagging me!:weary: who is doing this to me?

Probably you know who

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