Can We Plz Have a Trading Market?

I’m mystified that we don’t have a Trading system! Either friend to friend or in-guild only… Go ahead and restrict the amount of trades you can do in a day, make it costly, I dont care or expect anything less from Disney tbh, but come on! Let us trade bits or resources pleeeease :frowning:


Me too i want trading to be a thing we can trade heros that would be cool

Sounds like a good idea. But the thing is let’s say you can trade mod upgrades. And you want them. If your guildmates give them theirs, it’s not fair. (Unless they have more than enough) Because it takes a lot of effort to get mod upgrades, especially if they are starting out.

And red skill chips, another problem. If your guildmate is asking for skill chips that u and your mate needs, if u give to him, it’s not fair. Again, the reason is because of effort needed. But I can give an alternative.

The game content creators can do an exchange system where they can get other skill chips, mod upgrades or even badges in exchange for what they want. This way, it can be fair to both parties.

This is actually a very good suggestion. I also wondered if they can add this system.

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