Can't win any urban patrol


Hi, am I the only one who cannot manage to finish is urban patrol at easy? I use all purple heroes over 50 but when I’ve reach the zone 3 or 4 the opponent get way to harder… Even with my best team I can’t win… My friend play the game, similar team and he wins it every time… The only difference he play on apple and I play on android…


@Amiral_Toyo I assume what you call Urban Patrol is what I call City Watch. It’s the mode where you have to win 15 fights and if a character gets knocked out then they are out for the rest of the fights.

If that is the case, the solution is fairly simple. Stop trying to beat it with one team. Your ‘best’ team might be your most powerful. It might even be the best team for a lot of different situations. But there is no such thing as one team which is great all the time. Different characters are more suitable against certain lineups. Look at the opponents that are beating you and try to work out who you have that has the best skills to beat them, and who else they partner well with.
Brute force will only get you so far in this game, a good strategy will get you much further most of the time.
There are plenty of guides and strategies specifically for this game mode (remember to look for City Watch) in these forums. Have a look through them, hopefully you will find something that helps you out.

Good luck!


@Lord_Skellington I guess is City Watch, I’ve just translate “Patrole Urbaine” in french… :slight_smile: I would love to play with strategy, but I just can’t figure out which hero is better against another one… The only information given is the brutal force… Am I missing something? Is there any kind of guide for this?


@Lord_Skellington It seem I can’t found your City Watch guide on this forum, do have the link please?


Oh, definitely. Brute force can only get you so far in this game.

Teams are not just made based on who is the top power that you have. They are forged through careful thought and planning aka strategy

No team is unbeatable, because every hero in game has a counter. Your job in defenses is to do you best to design a team that will be hard to counter. Your job in offense, is to make the best team to counter the opponent’s defense.

Now, Every Game mode requires a different strategy and is unique from every other mode.I

In the case of city watch, an important thing to note is that HP and Energy both carry over to the next fights. In addition, certain skills also carry over. Most notably: Ressurect skills, As in, they can only be used once.

And, Nick’s Lemmings.

His lemmings hit all enemies (even invisible ones!) So he is very useful in City Watch.

Since he deals Fantastic damage, you may also want a scarer on your team, preferably Sulley as he has the most control as to when he scares and he can heal all allies with the Woody disk.

However, a good strategy is basically to majorly use characters that have attacks that either

A. Hit all enemies (Nick and Zurg especially)


B. Deal a series of damage that can target someone else if the first enemy KO’s. (Jack Sparrow, Merida, Stitch.

Now, these damagers can take care of your enemies, but they need support!

Your crew needs two kinds of support:

Tank support: These characters sponge up large amounts of damage and help protect you team by stunning the enemies (Ralph, Mr.I), Healing (Sulley, Felix), and Shielding (Baymax).


Other Support: These characters may heal, Shield, give buffs, or have something special, like the ability to cleanse allies of debuffs (Kevin Flynn), Or the Ability to save an ally from death (Megara).

Then, for the last thing you may want, a control. Soome control are more control than others. For city watch, you may want Wall-e for his energy gain, but if you want a major controller, you will want someone to delay the enemy team’s hero activation.

A few good choices:

Tia Dalma: Each skill has a different control effect. White silences (and curses when above purple), Green deals knockback, blue charms.

Finnick: Now that he has been refreshed, he can deal slow upon slow to the enemies and stun them with his white if he has laid down enough slows.

Ursula: With her Hex ability, she can prevent characters like Jack Sparrow or Merida from activating their dangerous white skills.

Now their is one more aspect to consider: Combo heroes.

Remember, you can only use five heroes at a time. How can you incorporate all of this into five slots? Combos.

Turns out, several tanks can lay down a good deal of support. Most notably Baymax and Sulley (Wo).

Then there are also Control- Support, such as Wall-e or Frozone with Eve disk.

There is also Control- Damage such as Maleficent and Alice.

Most damage revolve Solely around damage, but some go about this in different ways.

Some prefer the back lines, where they are only reachable by Woody’s lasso or Team wide attacks. (Nick, Jack-Jack, Vanelope)

Some stay in the middle, attacked after the front row is gone. (Merida, Moana)

and some, fight along side the tanks helping hold the front lines and doubling as a weak tank themselves. (Jack Sparrow, Quorra)

Then, there is one more Unique kind of character. They are called Assasins.

This group go among the enemy. They dig into the heart of the team by going for the middle and back rows. (Jessie, Aladdin)

My recommendation for City Watch?

One Tank: Sulley, Or maybe Baymax

One frontline damager: Jack Sparrow is best recommendation.

One Control: Tia Dalam or maybe Walle

One Back Line Damager: Especially Nick or Zurg

One Other healer: Possibly Miguel.

Hope this helps somehow… :grin:

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stuff that may help.
1- Unequip all mods and Disks from top 5 heroes before resetting. the difficulty is determined by the power of your 5 most powerful heroes.

2-After reequipping stuff, focus. I usually devote the first 5-6 matches to get less powerful heroes’s energy bar full. Usually characters who have trouble filling it up in a later match. (Zurg, Mickey, Genie…) (P.s. If you dont want these characters to take any damage at all, use Baymax or Calhoun’s Another Castle or Sulley’s Play together) Then you can use these heroes to deal some damage to later waves when you get stuck.

Dont be afraid to hire a Merc. Many perks exist to make Mercs extra powerful. and it is cheap compared to the gold you get when completing a City watch.