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Card Brigade, the Jack of All Trades

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“People, please, no fighting OR insults. Leave your negativity at the door and just appreciate the thread.”

(This was originally made as a secret santa gift to @Card_Brigade. Since then, I’ve spruced it up a little. I’ll probably make more of these, but don’t ask me to make you. However, asking me to make someone else is alright.)

Basic Attack: Brigade throws cards with pinpoint accuracy
Entrance: He walks in casually
Victory: He reveals an ace of spades, and laughs
Defeat: He fades away like the Cheshire Cat

White: Follow Suit

Brigade throws the whole deck, sending cards everywhere. All allies are granted “Jacked Up” for 5 seconds and all enemies take X damage.

“Jacked Up” increases attack speed by 15% for each 10% HP remaining, and grants X Skill Power

Green: Trump Card

Brigade’s basic attack has a 33% chance to pierce, hitting all enemies and removing X Armor.

Blue: Wild Cardand

Whenever an ally takes damage, Brigade draws them one of three cards.

King: The ally is invincible for 4 seconds and healed X HP over the duration.
Queen: All allies receive 150 energy. Allies with a disable or debuff receive 100 additional energy.
Jack: The ally’s tenacity is doubled and they’re “Jacked Up” for 6 seconds.

This skill can only activate once every 8 seconds.

Purple: Ace in the Hole

“Jacked Up” also increases Brigade’s attack speed when applied to allies. This has a reduced effect when applied to allies above level X.


Card Brigade/Queen of Hearts
“Heart of the Cards”
+X Skill Power
Brigade does 10*S% more damage for each ally with “Jacked Up”
The Skill Power bonus from “Jacked Up” also boosts Brigade when applied to allies

Card Brigade/Oogie Boogie
“Stacked Deck”
+X Max HP to Support role allies
“Wild Card” effect durations are 10S% longer
“Trump Card” chance is increased by 6


  • He has made 7 character concepts: Mother Gothel, Cruella de Vil, Eclipsa Butterfly, the Evil Queen, Cinderella, Lady Tremaine, and the Fairy Godmother
  • His concepts are some of the most detailed around. They feature in-depth discussion of Brigade’s vision for their role in combat, bits of trivia for skill amounts, and high quality gifs.
  • Concepts aside, Brigade also has a few great “Tips and Appreciation” threads that help shed light on how certain characters function.

I like how you use trivia for your concept. I did the same thing as well. Good job anyway

Wow! This is great!

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Thank you so much for the wonderful hero concept, @The_Eavesdropper :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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