Challenger Season Rules for June 15

The rules for the Challenger Season that started on June 15 were incorrect. We have scheduled a server update for noon CT on June 16 to adjust the rules, but we realize that some players may have already made battles before this change. We will be running a bonus chances event for Arena and Coliseum that will run until Noon CT until June 17.


And if we could know now, what rules are planned?


Is that only for challengers? Because I haven’t reached that rank yet.

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Yes Only for challengers.As bonuses are only in Challengers league


The bonus chances will be available for everyone to use, even outside of challenger.


Really ? From when…or is it already there…I have no information about that!

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Okay then. I am still at gold tier on both modes so it shouldn’t affect me as much. But I hope the others who are in the challenger tier also don’t suffer any consequences.

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Is the Evil Queen going to be the weekly rewards for Arena?

Prolly Not. As shes already in arena crates

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Challenger season ok but I’m not on the level

What can’t the server updates happen before invasion reset/start ??? First day of invasion right when it starts there’s always a server update,

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Invasion? What

Is Tron gonna be a exclusive on the weekly rewards forever?

I don’t know

Prolly not,coz he needs to be accesible for all later maybe in future updates he will be shifted to any shop or elite campaign and any other new hero will take his place…

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I don’t know, conidering he’s the embodiment of the plot of the game (a computer program that battles viruses), it would make sense if he was the hardest character to obtain. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

How long will it take?

I’m confused. Why is the update happening?

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When do you get the challenger seasons?

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