Challenger Seasons - Feedback Wanted!

We’re actively invested in the health of challenger seasons, and we’ve appreciated everyone’s feedback for improving that experience so far. There are some undesirable play patterns still within the system we’re ironing out the details for, and wanted to get feedback on some specific changes we’re looking at.

Please answer the below questions only if you’ve been participating in challenger seasons. And feel free to add additional comments to this thread.

The quick fight bonus is designed to discourage intentionally weak defenses. How do you feel about the points this quick fight bonus gives out?

  • Too low
  • Just right
  • Too high

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To make it easier for players to react to opponent lineup changes, we’d like to increase the cooldown period between changing defensive lineups from 20 hours to 36 hours. How does a 36 hour cooldown period sound? (Note: This would only affect challenger seasons, and not lower divisions.)

  • Too short
  • Just right
  • Too long
  • Don’t make the cooldown any longer than 20 hours

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We’d like to lock out lineup changes near the end of a Challenger week to make fighting more consistent during this time and to prevent last minute lineup changes. How long would you like this lock out period to be?

  • 5 days (or more)
  • 4 days
  • 3 days
  • 2 days
  • 1 day
  • Don’t lock out changes near the end of the week

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Generally, how do you feel about us making mid-season changes to challenger? Specifically changes that aim to eliminate undesirable play patterns. (Assume with any changes we will give ample warning about them.)

  • Better to make these types of adjustments as soon as possible.
  • Better to wait until a new season for adjustments.

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Overall, how much are you currently enjoying challenger seasons?

  • Very much enjoy it
  • Enjoy it
  • Neutral about it
  • Dislike it
  • Very much dislike it

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Hades with red skill is big issue here, any possible changes about it?


24 hours or 28 hours would be better.

It’s hard to enjoy since it’s nearly impossible to beat people 15 levels ahead of me. Please, slow down the cap raises and let the F2P’s catch up.


Really appreciate that you improved coliseum/arena! Please make war more fun and rewarding too. War rewards are ridiculously low. Thank you


36 hours is ridiculous. Some people like to tweak their lineups, and we shouldn’t be punished for that.


I love challengers. I’m in s22 and normally active but not coli generally. But challengers iseason is a reason to play and tron is really helping me and my guild mates in different meta teams.
So please keep the challengers going in my guild everyone loves challengers aswell

Glad you improved the game with challenger seasons. It was getting really boring just running around collecting stuff too, so max raid is appreciated. Now please get rid of stupid heist and put in something fun. Also war? Why’s it the same since the start with awful rewards.


Its fun i just got into the Challenger Season and its not easy since others a a little bit more powerful but i still manage to win some fights :slight_smile: and trying more new combinations than on the normal league.


Il problema principale in arena e nel colosseo è non riuscire a vedere i risultati degli attacchi avversari, quindi non possiamo valutare quanto efficaci siano le nostre difese.

I think there should be an option to remove your “buy” if you accidentally click k a person to fight, so long as you havent made any fights. I also think if someone isnt activly participating, they should be moved down a spot for each inactive day. Other than that, it’s going well.


Concordo plenamente


I really enjoy this Challenger Seasons system. Think rewards aren’t too bad, altough I’d like to see some more mod upgrades there.
My only problem with it is the formation of leagues. I only got to challenger in coliseum, but I can’t do much, since my team has around 1,3M power, there’s a single other person with a power similar to mine, and others go from 2,5M to around 4M (only got slightly more than 3000 points indeed). And the same problem is preventing me to reach challenger in Arena, where my 570k team has to face mostly over 1M power teams. I’d REALLY love if the leagues in Arena and Coli were formed with people that have similar team power, because this is too much.


I have alot of feed back the 1 hero line that works against the points wise and works ty for this. The 15 second thing gaston and hades in particular are hard to beat in 15 seconds. Randall you can do in around 13. Also I noticed that the points for weaker teams doesnt carry through. I’ve seen people have 1 team of r7s and weak heroes r2 r0 etc other 2 lines I’ve tried multiple times to improve my score against these. And you lose again 500 less like before against full r7s. So yes you have made progress but it’s still maybe possible to play dirty tactics. Also the idea of a you cant change your team in the last 24 hours is a must or a guild with 3 players in final coli can beat the one on his own by changing defence and making it easier to score points near the end ie last 10 minutes. For his guild mates. Therefore this has to mandatory. Lastly I want to say there are so many good points about these seasons that it’s got potential. I hope you can fix these issues.


Overall the system is flawed and while it’s nice you are trying to make fixes to something that you broke and pretend to care what we think is nice. But the fact that you took Arena and Coliseum rewards and cut them by 60% week 1 and 45% week 2 and they only approach what they used to be “IF” you double promote the first to weeks to end in rank III league. Well frankly put that’s a giant slap in the face. It’s a pay to win system plain and simple. Before everyone who fought hard got max rewards… now it’s whoever is the big dog spenders in your group. And the top spots are all about who got lucky and got points before lines were changed. While there is some minimal strategy figuring out the bonuses it’s not enough to justify the reduction in rewards. ESPECIALLY since there are Arena and Coliseum crate toons…but you don’t care what you player base says even if you pretend to. I just know in the last 5 weeks more people in my guild have quit than in the previous 5 months. And we aren’t just talking FTP but big spenders who felt that PB doesn’t care about them.

P.S. And either change the description under info for Arena/Coliseum or make it work like it used to. If I’m there at reset and I grab first place but then I end up in say 9th I should recieve first place rewards not 9th…Like the Rules/Description says and how it used to work.


I think you shouldn’t be able to see overall power until unlocked. Of course you could guess by the heroes and name but it would be a great way to determine your skills and not just trying to overpower everyone.


1 Hour Is Good.

Hello !

I like the new arena/coli system but some things should be changed :

  • we don’t earn enough diamonds during the first and second week. During The second and furthermore the third week we spend too much diamonds to try to be qualified on division 1 (15 diamonds for one more attack is too much ! Before the new system it was 50 diamonds for 10 attacks !). So what we earned we spend it quickly for those attacks

  • the new way to earn points is so random, with quick fights… once we make a big score and once we make a few points (ex: a randall team can’t be killed in 15 s)

  • we never know how we earned points. Could be interesting to know how we get points and who bring them

Thanks for letting us talk about it!

I hope we will see some changes soon :slight_smile: !


I’m a bit puzzled as to why “Don’t lock out changes near the end of the week” is such a popular choice. From every feedback I’ve seen, and indeed that I agree with, this is absolutely needed in order to stop guilds trying to manoeuvre themselves / each other into the top spots to fix the promotions. For those who are asleep for the last few hours of the week, there’s no comeback on that, so it needs to be prevented. Equally, why does 5 days have any votes at all…? I suspect a lot of people voting have either not played Challenger, don’t care, or haven’t read it properly.

Same thing with the team change lock - think 36 hours might be a little high, but it should be over 24 to discourage trying to fix rankings. 28 should give people time to re-attack a freshly changed team, without being too restrictive when genuine changes are desired.

From what I’ve seen the quick fight bonus could do with being slightly more - I had a lone Randall opponent this week and I only made around 200 more points than the rest of my wins - I feel that it needs to be quite a bit more to seriously handicap those players. Something also needs to account for heroes that revive, as that Randall or Hades, Gaston etc could take a while to defeat and end up with 0 bonus.

I also think the bonus this week was rather poor in general - it’s pretty much luck of the draw how many bonus points you’ll get, as there’s no way to predict how and when damage may be dealt while the opponent are stunned, or how much healing they may attempt while cursed. I’ve run the exact same battle multiple times in a row and had victories varying by up to 300 points! What I enjoyed most about the previous seasons was the strategy element, and this week that’s been removed somewhat.


Theyll be moved down a spot if theyre not active either way because they wouldnt be using their keys?

Too much, to be honest, 24 hours would be just fine.

This only means defensive lineups, right?

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