Change to Challenger Season Rules for September 10

The Quick Fight bonus decay rate has been changed for this season.

  • The decay will now start at 4 second instead of 7 seconds.
  • The number of points is still 750 and the total time for the bonus is still 14 seconds.

Sorry this announcement wasn’t made before the season started yesterday!


But… what about Hades exploit?

And heroes which have long revive animations?
It all vary on the challengers very much. This just expand the gap.


I think you might have had other things to deal with…


Ahh, so I wasn’t going crazy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Doesn’t this make the issue of Hades etc. even worse? :thinking:


Just already delay QW timer to include invincibility and invisibility seconds taken. That would make Hades, Judy and others not a viable anti-QW strategy anymore.

That would lead to an inverse exploit, to wit: Take out someone’s Megara or trigger Hades’, Gaston’s, or Angel’s invincibility skills, then boom, you’ve got several free seconds to KO the other heroes, and once the invincibility wears off, you’ve got the rest of the timer to take out one or two heroes.

The Quick Win bonus has never bothered me, nor has the invincibility mini-meta that it’s fostered, but if everyone else hates it so much maybe it’s time to just take it out of Challengers.

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no, it wouldn´t lol… it would just pave the ground for even battles…

you can still kill the invincibility before it´s due with Randall(Yz) for example
and at least you won´t see Hadesified, Randallified etc. Arena/Coliseum but rather people trying to take out that QW points by non-exploitable teams

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

It is not censorship. You are putting these posts in the wrong topics.

Make sure to stay on topic everyone!


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What are you even talking about?


Excuse me?

Weeeeeeeeeeell, it should. Without it getting to div. 1 is impossible.

It is totally unrelated to the deal announcement that was posted yesterday. Additionally, it might not have been ready at the time.


It was late, and Polaris apologised for the lateness in the post.

Does the announcement coming half a day late have a significant impact on a 4-week long season? :stuck_out_tongue:

If the change was implemented late that could have been an issue, but it was on time and taking effect in-game.


Well I would think that the deal issue became more of a pressing matter yesterday, so it was pushed back. Now if you would like to continue this conversation, let’s do so in a PM.

I never made it to challengers but I bet this will make it more difficult, so good luck to those of you in those divisions.

Excuse me WHAT?!?!
It was already a massive pain dealing with the likes of Olaf and Sally, nevermind the ones who revive and are invincible afterwards, but now you’re cutting the time for the optimal points by almost half?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, challenger has a fundamental flaw in that defending teams are running the likes of Hades not because he works with the team, but because he can stall out the timer. It is literally rewarding poor/uncreative team design.


Actually good point the issues caused by yesterday means this change shouldn’t be implemented on servers 21/ 22 due to yesterday’s issue making everything more difficult and without resolving the main issue at hand good point thanks imgineer

So what do you want to happen to the Quick Win timer when someone uses Mulan or Dash to take out their opponent’s Megara in the opening seconds of battle?

My strongest teams are in the 1.7M-2M range in power, and I have only a smattering of the meta heroes leveled up far enough to be useful in top-rank Challenger play, so getting to division 1 is impossible for me anyway. But I do have a few heroes, like Tron and Queen of Hearts, strong enough to get me Quick Wins against a fair number of the teams trying to exploit invincibility just for the sake of delaying the win, and I’m no doubt beating quite a few without getting a Quick Win that I wouldn’t be able to beat at all if the player were just putting out their strongest defense, rather than shoehorning in Hades or Gaston. I’m getting to division 3 consistently, and given my (relative lack of) strength, I’m OK with that.

It’s OK. But why is there this new change? Isn’t it harder for other players to get points from quick fight bonuses?

Wait, just thought of something that seems weird about the wording to me.

Is this change a full on from here onward type thing or is it just for this season?

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